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Spiritual growth

10 exercises for a daily spirituality

If you don’t want to lock yourself in a monastery all your life, to seek enlightenment, you can stay exactly where you are and practice this selection of 10 exercises for a daily spirituality. A selection designed to adapt to different people, with very different lives; therefore it is not necessary to perform every practice, but those that are most in resonance with the moment and the situation.

With the gradual increase in perception even the simplest exercises will start to take on a different color and it is not strange that some practices seem trivial at the beginning of the journey and become more interesting as you develop your skills.

10 spiritual exercises

  1. Before you get up, listen .
    In the morning, set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than usual and before you get out of bed, stay still with your eyes closed. Just listen to the noises or your breathing, observe the darkness beyond your closed eyelids, without doing anything else. If any image or thought comes to mind, let it flow and continue to contemplate the silence, your breath and the darkness. If during the night you wake up for no reason, try not to move any muscles and keep your eyes closed, listening to your energy and what surrounds you; those moments are perfect.
  2. Look in the mirror .
    During the working day it is common for the requests of colleagues or the situation to make you slip into automatisms. By working automatically we are faster, but we lose contact with reality and with ourselves. Every time you go to the bathroom, look at yourself for 30 seconds in the mirror. There is no need to say anything, just looking deep into your eyes is enough to remember who you are and bring your mind back to the present moment.
    At the end of the day, try to remember how many times you have done it and you will see that despite good intentions, there will be days when you will completely forget to do it. Understanding how long you live automatically is important to remedy it.
  3. Dance or sing, listening to your body .
    The spiritual part is closely connected with what fills the heart with light emotions. Living the spiritual side also means bringing it into daily actions, so dance, sing or do any action that uses your body and lightens your heart. During these actions, however, put your attention to the body, to what you move and use, it remains present all the time without slipping into mental or emotional automatisms. Act with the body, observe with the mind, without judgment.
  4. Listen to music with your eyes closed .
    Choose a time of day where you can turn off the phone, sit comfortably, possibly with your feet on the ground, without shoes. Choose some music without words, and listen to it with your eyes closed. If possible, it is best to close shutters and windows to prevent light from entering the room. Simply listen to the music, putting all your attention on what you listen to, if any image should come to mind, let it flow away, without avoiding it, without chasing it away; it simply brings the focus back to the music.
  5. He meditates very little .
    Meditation is the best friend of the spiritual path, there are many ways to practice this technique, I suggest here just some of the three simple methods to meditate. Choose the way you prefer and meditate for 10, 15 minutes maximum. Don’t overdo it, don’t push yourself, just a few minutes. If after 15 minutes you still want to meditate, then it is the right time, if not, meditate even less time. After 10, 15 minutes, stop and get up. Allow yourself to gradually get used to meditation, enjoy all the intermediate steps, it is not an endurance contest, learn to love this practice, in small doses.
  6. Write an invisible diary .
    If your day has been chaotic and you’ve been through tough times, you may find yourself experiencing unclear emotions and tangled thoughts. Choose a nice diary and a nice pen in time, make the right selection, as it will have to keep your true secrets. When you want to see your thoughts better, take your diary and pen and write, by hand, without thinking too much. When you’re done, read the diary, let him show you what you confided in him. After reading, tear off the pages you wrote, reduce them into small pieces and throw them away.
    The diary shows you only what cannot be read by anyone but you, the secrets that are known in two, are no longer secrets.
  7. Do something you wouldn’t have done.
    When you want to lighten your heart, choose, at the start of the day, to hunt for the right victim for a sincere good deed. Observe what is happening around you, the people you meet, what they say, their actions.
    During the day, an opportunity will arise for a gesture that you feel, which is authentic to you, but which you would not have done, something that would normally have escaped you out of inattention, out of embarrassment, out of some other fear. They are almost always very small gestures, which however require attention and promptness. Let someone pass in front of the queue after a glance, hold the door to someone who is just behind you, respond to a smile at the right time. Little things that pass before our eyes every day and to which we no longer react.
  8. Drink energized water .
    Every human being needs water to survive. Energized water has much higher vibrational frequencies that nourish the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body. The habit of drinking one or two liters of energized water every day allows you to accelerate the body’s energy development and to maintain health and well-being over time. Discover i methods to energize your regular plain water , in a bottle or tap, in a simple way, at your home.
  9. Fall asleep with gratitude .
    When the day is done, go to bed 15 minutes earlier, turn off the light and relax for a few moments. He then reviews the events of the day, from the morning to the present moment. Scroll your day quickly in your mind, as if it were a movie to be played, scene by scene. As the events of the day unfold, look carefully for some small gift of the day, some beautiful moment, some detail that made you feel good and when you find it, linger and thank you for that positive moment. Every day has something nice, beautiful, positive, so don’t stop until you’ve found one.
    After thanking you can choose whether to go to sleep or look for another one.
  10. Pray how you feel .
    A fundamental part of the spiritual journey and the development of one’s way of living the world of subtle energies is connected with the relationship with the Universe, the One, the All, God. You can call it whatever you like, the important thing is that one step at a time, you are able to re-establish contact and a personal relationship with the energy that permeates everything. Prayer is a component of every religion, but there is a way of praying that does not have pre-established words linked to a specific doctrine, which requires only an open heart and honest dialogue. If you want to learn the Universal Prayer, the topic was explored here.


There are so many daily practices to develop your spiritual nature, these examples are an introductory guide and can be an inspiration to find your own way to bring some energy into everyday activities. By living more consciously and paying attention to subtle energies, you will see that the way you act and the intention you put into situations is much more important than living like automatons for 23 and a half hours a day and at the end of the evening. , devote half an hour to meditation before going to sleep.

As always, anyone who has comments can leave them below and anyone who has questions can write to me at info@qh2on.com .

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