beauty care with vibrational water

Beauty care with vibrational water

A beauty treatment in its entirety is possible with the vibrational water . There are cosmetics that improve the characteristics of the skin, eyelashes, body, to bring them back to their natural beauty; other products instead mask them, transform them, to enhance the appearance and minimize imperfections, supporting the confidence in the external appearance and the relationship with one’s self.

In body care, gestures and attention are necessary to keep the skin intact and healthy with its elasticity, vitality and strength; in fact it is true that the more cosmetics we use to improve external beauty, the more we must take care to nourish the body and the light of the soul, so that they are not intoxicated and degenerate.

Beauty advertising

As every advertisement and study tells us, hydration is the basis of the health and beauty of the body. Water is the foundation of beauty. There are numerous moisturizing products for skin care and there is no shortage of beauty diets that are based on proper hydration and nourishment of the skin.

Normal everyday water is the pillar of every beauty treatment that we all use, but still few know that water can be energized by increasing its vibrational frequencies. Energized water nourishes the body’s cells more effectively, increasing the skin’s elasticity and radiance. You don’t need more water to enhance your beauty, but to better water , with higher frequencies and therefore greater vibrational energy.

Energized water

It’s easy to create energized water with QH2On e research on energized water with Qh2On cards show the increase in the vibrational frequency of the water and the decrease in entropy levels. Entropy can be compared to chaos: it is that parameter that leads matter and energy to disorganize and destroy themselves. Less entropy means greater consistency , harmony and balance. Energized water is more consistent and has more energy and when drunk constantly, it helps the body to regenerate, to be vital and energetic and to find its light again . We can think of a real one beauty care with vibrational water .

The beauty revolution

Every human being must drink water to survive. The beauty revolution is taking care of your inner and outer beauty, with every glass of water we drink, always starting to drink energized water. How is it possible to energize water in a simple and affordable way? The QH2On card called “ The Source x7000 ”Increases the vibrational frequency of the water by 7000 times and can be used every day, for the whole family, up to a maximum of 7 years, without losing its energizing capabilities.
Find out now how to energize your water .

Inner Beauty

The beauty of the physical body is just one of the many wonders of the human body. Our thoughts, our emotions emanate vibrations that can create attraction or drive people away. Our soul has a unique scent, even in the midst of a crowd of people, we can turn our gaze and tune in precisely with the eyes of someone we didn’t even know, our inner radar has intercepted its unique frequency and has been intrigued and attracted by it. . Beauty care with vibrational water is therefore dedicated to both the physical body and all other energy bodies.

Let your light shine

Your soul has a unique scent, but if your heart is closed in a casket, sealed inside a block of ice, no one will be able to smell it and get close to you. Nobody, not the wrong people or the right ones.

When your life is lived according to your truth, your actions, words and thoughts are colored by your uniqueness, if your heart is open, your soul can shine in everything you do and are and looking into your eyes will be able to shine the light of your beauty, that it is yours alone, no one will be able to imitate it .

Informed water for the heart

How to open the heart? To be deeply yourself? To color everything we do with our soul? First you have to really want it. With decision and firmness. If that’s what you really want, you can do it. It may take some time to fully succeed, because life presents us with difficult challenges, challenges for which it is better to pretend to be someone else. The commitment on this journey must therefore be constant, every day.

Water has the ability to be energized, thereby increasing its vibrational frequency, but water has a memory and can learn the energy of the words you choose to teach it. These energies transfer to your water and nourish you with every sip, helping you overcome the challenges your light faces.
Informed water is your best friend on this journey.

Informed water, your best friend

While you are facing the challenge of being a real and authentic person. The challenge of living your way, with your perfume and dancing to the song you hear inside, even if the music is different outside, there may be someone cheering for you, who is always by your side to remind you why you are doing it, to remind you of what is really important and not to do it losing the compass even during storms.

A glass of water after another, informed water can restore confidence and courage, you can teach water the best way to support yourself and take care of your psychophysical well-being.
In fact, water has a memory, it can learn any of your emotions, phrases, words, colors, intentions.

You can record words in your water, and every time you drink it, that water will whisper them to your soul and heart. Your water can tell you that you are a wonderful creature, that you can do it, that no one will be able to stop your energy, that you are perfect in your uniqueness. Each glass will help you walk in your direction, a tune in to your goal. Every day, until you reach your goals.
you can create your water informed in 3 simple ways.

Beauty inside and out

Energized water strengthens the beauty of the body, informed water helps you take care of your inner beauty. Which of the two do you have to choose? You don’t have to choose just one of the two, you can have energized and also informed water, to take care of your energy and your beauty every day.

True beauty comes from love and care for oneself, from nourishing and caring for every part of us, thoughts, feelings, body, soul. When you meet the true beauty , it is a look that you can never forget, it is not compared to any other beauty, it is not in the ranking: it is a tattoo in the memories of the soul.


There beauty revolution comes from looking in the mirror and seeing a body, a mind, a heart and a soul. Seeing ourselves in the nakedness of our being perfectly unique and not comparable to anyone. The daily revolution is to take care of beauty in every way, internal and external. Beauty care with vibrational watermeans becoming more like ourselves every day, more full of light, more beautiful in every way, more and more authentic. Energized and informed water are precious allies for this journey of growth and beauty and can support every step of this journey, glass after glass.

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