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Because cards instead of energized stones and crystals

Find out why the cards are made of PVC instead of energized stones and crystals:

1.Stones and crystals lose the information that is recorded much faster than PVC cards, which if they are not subjected to strong electric or electromagnetic fields, can work perfectly over 5 years (with greater attention they last much longer).

2. The stones and crystals emit their base frequency, which is emitted together with the loaded information, thus modifying the emitted energies which with PVC are always precise.

3. Stones and crystals absorb energy from the outside and from the person who habitually wears them, to function correctly they therefore require frequent maintenance and are not suitable for shared use. PVC cards do not require maintenance and are suitable for sharing, which we always encourage and which belongs to our mission.

4. PVC cards are more comfortable to use, either under the bottles to inform or load the water, either under the mattress or in the fridge or under the massage table. Their ease of use makes it easier to include them in the daily routine and multiplies the areas in which they can be used.

5. PVC NEVER comes into direct contact with water or food, therefore there is no type of toxicity that is transmitted (as can happen if you drink water in a plastic bottle, especially if exposed to the sun).

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