Boil the energized water

You can boil the energized and informed water with the cards QH2On. Its charge after boiling will have a slight decrease but it will still be very effective. It can be used for herbal teas, tea, coffee and preparation of other hot or cold drinks.

Boil energized and informed water

How to boil energized water without energy loss

Tasting your favorite drink with energized and informed water, without energy losses, requires a little trick. Boil the water and add at the end of the boil a little cold water, equally energetically charged. The amount to add depends on how much water you have boiled: half a glass or a cup of coffee. Complete the procedure taking care to mix well.

You can use QH2On cards to increase the subtle energies of other types of drinks or use energized water for cooking. Put your favorite fruit juice on the card, or stretch it slightly with the energetically charged water. As for food, whether you want to prepare a soup or in the preparation of any dish, the energized water will increase the vibrational frequency of your food. The positive effects on your well-being and vital energy will thus be transmitted in what you eat.

The general rule for all uses is to maintain the 1/100 proportion of the volume of the liquid to maintain the maximum charge level of subtle energies.

Proper use of cards with hot liquids

QH2On cards are made of PVC and require some common sense to avoid damage and consequent loss of effectiveness. Without external alterations, the cards are programmed to last 5 years while maintaining maximum effectiveness.

  • Do not put the card in the pot while cooking the food
  • Do not allow naked flames to come into contact with the card
  • Do not put the card in the microwave
  • Do not put the card in boiling water
  • Do not put the card in the oven
  • Do not put the card under dishes or substances warmer than 38 degrees (100 degrees fahrenheit)

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