Does energized water have a placebo effect?

To answer the question of whether energized water has a placebo effect, let’s start by defining this effect. The placebo effect works when we focus our energies and attention towards a result we believe in. The belief that it will work and the strength and good spirit that we apply when we strongly believe in something, bring very well documented effects. Who uses the cards and also has this boost, will also benefit from the placebo effect. The benefits of energized water are however also visible in absence of conviction or belief in success.

To evaluate it, it is possible to see the effects on animals, which cannot have faith in the benefits of quantum cards. By placing two bowls of water at a distance of a few meters, you will notice that the cats when they have reached their energy balance, never drink the loaded water, they only look for it when they need it and usually in small doses. If your relative or partner has habits that you can measure, such as how many hours he sleeps, how much he trains etc, you can give him a drink of the energized water at each meal and measure how his routines change. Again there can be no placebo effect when one is unaware.

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