Drink Energized Water

Can water be described only by its chemical formula? If you take two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen, you have obtained water. But drinking water doesn’t feel like you’re just putting a certain amount of “H2O” into your body. This is because water is much more than what you see under the microscope, it is an element that belongs to us and of which we are made up to 70%, and it is an element that has vital energy. Every human being must breathe oxygen and drink water, it is the basis of everyone’s survival, but still not everyone understands that in water there is life, energy, vibrations that nourish the body and soul of the human being.

Energized water

What is energized water? What kind of energy are we talking about? Water has vital energy, which nourishes both the physical body and all other energy bodies (etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual). But not all waters have the same quality of life energy, if you drink bottled water and then try drinking water from a mountain spring for a few weeks, you can see the first benefits after a few weeks.

The water from a source has about double the vital energy of tap water, its energy frequency has therefore increased, it has been energized (X 2). We indicate with the acronym X 2 the fact that the initial frequency has been multiplied by 2 times, which means that it brings double the benefits of running water.

Why drink energized water

Every day we should drink between 2 and 3 liters of water, this leads to an average of 700/1000 liters drunk in a year. How much can your well-being improve if each liter is more nutritious for your body and soul? This small change in everyday habits would be enough to live a healthier and more energetic life.
Imagine a person struggling to maintain their weight, giving up their favorite dishes and trying to train in their spare time. Someone then points out that he drinks 1 cappuccino and 4 coffees every day, for a total of 220 calories a day. By changing this simple habit, his metabolism changes profoundly and permanently.

It is the small daily gestures, the ones we always repeat, that have a radical influence on our life.

Vibrational feeding

We are made of a physical and visible body, we are also made of non-visible bodies, energy bodies that emit vibrations and feed on vibrations. To live better we must therefore nourish our body with matter but also our light bodies with energies at high frequencies. To regain strength and recharge the vital force, the inner light that drives us every day.

That water and food were not just made of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and molecules, was the first theorized by Eng. Andrè Simonetron, who after years of research, was able to measure the radiation emitted by food, discovering that food and water have different vital energies. He divided the foods into 4 categories: superior, support, inferior and dead foods. Foods with more vital energy are green leafy vegetables, and fresh fruit, dead ones, devoid of vitality are coffee, meat, sugar etc.

To measure this energy he used the Armstrong parameter, and saw that only when the vibrational frequency of water or food was higher than 6500 Armstrong, did they benefit the body. The higher the frequency, the more the benefit to the body. This is why not only is it necessary to drink energized water every day, looking for the most practical way to transform the most common gesture into a choice of nourishment and healing of oneself and of one’s family.

Effects of energized water

What can you expect from drinking energized water? Some mountain waters taste better, but to see the effects you need to drink it constantly, for at least 21 days. The effects will be very different for each person as we use our life energies in unique ways and our energy deficiencies, which will be restored, are different.

From the experiments with water at maximum frequency, it was possible to discover the effects on humans after a month of constant use of energized water (at least one glass a day).

After a month of use, the following values have clearly improved:

  • Life energy
  • Sleep quality
  • Energy upon awakening
  • Digestion
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Brightness and elasticity of the skin
  • Hair brightness and health
  • Average mood
  • General Wellbeing

The analysis of the experimental group revealed that each person had improvements in these aspects, which in the space of a month improved from a minimum of 5% to a maximum of 45%. These results were achieved by simply energizing the water from one’s home, bottled or from the tap.

How and when to drink it

To get the beneficial effects of energized water, you need to drink it every day. It is not a medicine or a magic, it is about high frequency vibrations, which in order to bring clear effects, must be continuously introduced into the organism.
This is why the maximum benefit is not obtained by those who drink a liter of energized water at lunch and one at dinner, but by those who drink during the day, many glasses, allowing the frequencies to continue working throughout the day, accompanying and nourishing all bodies (physical and energetic).

How does this happen? How does energized water work with our body? You know that the human body is made up of 70% water, when you drink a glass of energized water, this entering the body helps all our “water” to tune into a higher frequency and at the same time brings high vibrations that nourish the body and soul.

However, it happens that during the day we are subjected to external stresses, interactions with other people, tasks to be done and as if that were not enough, our mind often wanders in the pain of memories or worries for the future.

Thus our vital energy frequencies, caught between the two fires of the external and internal world, are brought back to low frequency energies. And this is the reason why it is much more effective to drink many glasses, even small ones, during the day: in order to help our body and soul to remain in the highest vibrations possible.

Methods for energizing water

Tap water is what we will call “normal”, any water that is improved is energized water. However, there are many ways to charge the water with high frequency vibrations, each method has pros and cons, the mountain source for example has the advantage of being ready, but the disadvantage of energizing little (X2 or double ).

There is not a perfect way for everyone, there are many ways that everyone can choose from, based on their abilities, the desire to commit themselves but above all the importance of taking care of their well-being and energy.
No matter which method you choose, any method energizes the water and it is therefore only important to choose one, to start reaping the benefits and taking care of your energy.

Types of energized water

Tap water
Tap water is energetically better than bottled water, all measurements are made based on tap water, but when you energize the water you can use either your own tap water or any bottled water.

Blue bottle energized water
By putting the water in a blue glass bottle and leaving it exposed to the rays of the sun and the moon, Solarized Water is obtained. This method increases the energy of water by three times (X3).

Water charged Reiki
By holding a bottle of water in their hands for at least 30 minutes, those who practice Reiki can increase their vibrational frequency, charging the water with energy. Depending on the level of the practitioner, the energy of the water can be improved from 5 to 80 times (from X5 to X80).

Water loaded with stones
If the water is left for a few days in contact with natural stones or gems, its energy increases. There are different systems to achieve this, the most effective ones use numerous stones, different from each other. Following this method the water is energized up to five times (from X2 to X5).

Mountain spring water
Spring water is more charged with subtle energies than tap water. The difference is usually less than one might expect. Although not all existing sources have been energetically analyzed, a typical result shows improved energies more than twice as much as normal water. (X2 to X8).

Waterfall loaded with Tibetan bells
A well-known method of energizing water is to expose it to the sound of Tibetan bells or crystal bowls. The sounds emitted by the bells are transmitted to the water and improve its energy. By exposing the water to the sound of the bells for at least 30 minutes, the energy will increase up to five times (X5).

Energized water with Qh2on cards
Qh2on quantum cards are tools for using subtle energies in an easy and autonomous way. The Source X7000 card has an energy program that allows you to energize the water to its maximum potential (X7000). Just place one or more bottles on the card to start increasing its vibrational frequency.
( find it here : https://www.qh2on.com/services/the-source/ )

Water loaded with mandalas (and sacred geometries)
Another method of energizing water is to place the bottle on top of a mandala or other sacred geometry. Just place the water on a sheet where the chosen image is represented and leave it to load for a few days, its energy will improve. (from X2 to X5).

Spiritual waters
There are many types of spiritual waters, their frequency is usually high, Lourdes water for example is X28, that of Medjugorie X34, Diamond water X14, Remonda-S.Michele X325. These waters are usually given away in small bottles or bought at small shops near the sacred sources.

Thanks to their high frequency these spiritual waters can be reproduced with the same principle as the mother yeast. One takes a small amount of spiritual water (also called waters of light) and pours it into a bottle of ordinary water, then shaking it all; the frequency of a cap is enough to increase that of a bottle.

The contraindication to the use of these waters is that they are difficult to find and this leads to keeping a bottle, which is used every day to replicate many other bottles to drink. Using the original bottle in this way, the bacterial proliferation of the original bottle is very high, it is not recommended to keep a bottle for more than a few months, because every time the cap is opened, bacteria and other microorganisms enter it. (X15 to X2500)

Waters loaded in meditation / prayer
Another method of energizing water is to use mantras, prayers or meditation. The effect is much stronger if more people are practicing together. By putting water in a room where these activities are practiced for at least 30 minutes, the frequency can be increased up to 10 times. (X2 to X10).

Would you like to know more?

Read this guide to energizing water in your home

Which method to choose?

After this quick analysis of some of the methods for energizing water you could see that any method at least doubles the subtle energies that are present in your water. The first answer we can definitely give is that any method is better than drinking bottled water.

So start with what makes you want to use the most, because the most important thing is to always drink energized water, the way that is most comfortable for you is the best one for now.
When you start seeing results, you can try other methods and find the one that works best for your lifestyle, but it’s always best to start with your own instincts.

Who Needs It?

Each person uses his life energies differently. After a run it is easy to feel tired and in need of recharging, but after a bad fight can you feel that your emotional energies have been burned? After hours of attention or study, do you feel the mental energies being discharged? After a long period of stress and worry, do you feel that your life energies are different?

After a long period of difficulty, struggle, illness, as soon as the situation clears up, the body collapses and we have to rest and take care of the hardships we have endured. But sleep is not enough, you have to nourish every energy body in order to get back on your feet in the best way.
Those who experience daily challenges that challenge not only the body, but also the mind, heart, emotions, soul, need to nourish their whole being and energized water is the easiest way to do it every day.


The discoveries of bioenergetics, kinesiology and dowsing have confirmed what Chinese and Indian medicine were saying even before Western culture existed, namely that man is made up of both physical matter and subtle energy. Through clear and meridians, this vital energy flows inside every human being, who lives a double nature, material and being of light. Taking care of your energy is getting easier, more and more affordable for everyone and energized water today is a simple choice, which can improve everyone’s life.

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