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Duration of the energy charge

Once the water has been loaded, the duration of the energy charge is unlimited. However, there are a number of factors in everyday life that affect the charge and gradually decrease its effectiveness.

If a loaded water bottle is exposed to electromagnetic sources or placed near electrical equipment, its charge of subtle energy will slowly decrease.

Energy negative environments can further decrease the duration of the energy charge of the water. Tests on bottled water in a domestic environment, exposed to the proximity of commonly used household appliances (fridge, microwave, television) showed that after a week of time, the water charge was still 70%.

One way to bring the charge of subtle energies back to maximum levels, in addition to using the cards, is to add a loaded water plug and mix it with the no longer fully charged water. A proportion of 1/100 is sufficient and shake the bottle vigorously, to restore the vibrational level to the maximum.

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