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Energized water and medicines

Regardless of energized water benefits, it must be a physician to reduce or suspend the assunzine of prescribed drugs. Depending on the type of drug, even in the presence of total healing it is necessary to proceed with a gradual reduction.

This process must be followed by a doctor, who will be able to monitor the improvements, make the necessary analyzes and choose the type of approach that best suits your case. Energized water is not a substitute for medical therapies, there is no competition and there is no need to choose one way to get better, excluding the other. From an molecular point of view, energetically charged water does not differ from normal water, therefore it does not have any type of contraindication or biological side effect. With the exception of pathologies that require artificial nutrition, no doctor will prescribe not to drink water. Therefore you can follow any prescription and at the same time use energetically charged water to nourish all aspects (mind, body, emotions and spirit).

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