Energized water as a remedy for stress

Energized water as a remedy for stress acts on the subtle energies of the organism. It charges you with vital energy and helps you deal with the causes of stress.

What is stress

The most common definition refers to stress as to the physical, cognitive, emotional response to a stress perceived as excessive. Based on the duration of the event, it is possible to distinguish between acute stress, or an event that occurs once and with a limited duration, chronic stress, where the stressful event is permanent and repeated. Stress has negative impacts on the physical, emotional, cognitive and even spiritual spheres. It comes to pose itself as an obstacle to the pursuit of personal goals.

Stress, both chronic and acute, leads to an overload of the system: from the production of continuous flows of thoughts to blocking emotions. Acute stress is healthy when it comes to a natural physiological response to stimuli that require immediate reaction to get away from danger. When, however, it is caused by events that put our emotions at risk and our success is not healthy.

Drink energized water as a stress remedy

The quantum card The Source allows you to restore the vital energies that are burned when we are subjected to states of stress. Use The Bridge improves balance, centering, rooting and allows you to dispose of the denser energies.

Energized water as a stress remedy restores your vital energy, mental clarity and balance. However, it cannot act directly on the situations and events that cause your discomfort. The charge of subtle energies will give you greater awareness to manage stressful events but you will have to manage and eliminate them. Water does not act on free will and will not force you to change a harmful lifestyle. On the contrary, it will put you in the best possible conditions to choose the healthiest path for you.

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