Intermittent energetic fasting

Energy in intermittent fasting

On the intermittent fasting for weight loss More books have already been written than you need, I won’t waste your time re-reading things you already know. Maybe you practice alternating intermittent fasting 5: 2 (5 days of free feeding and 2 days of eating one meal a day), or apply other more rigid combinations. You’ve probably experienced intermittent fasting 16: 8 or new, more complicated ways. I’m not going to give you any other technique, simply because you don’t need yet another example of intermittent fasting. Instead, you’ll have suggestions for keep your energy high in intermittent fasting and to make whatever technique you are using easier, lighter and more effective. With a few simple tips you will be able to carry on your intermittent fasting knowing what to eat and without going hungry. How long? For as long as you want, even forever .

So I want to share my experience, which allowed me to lose 70% of excess weight over 3 months. I didn’t succeed thanks to one of the many versions of intermittent fasting for weight loss, but thanks to a number of others they still allow you to move on now effortlessly . We are all looking for a diet to lose weight quickly, but we also know that the closer you get to your ideal weight, the longer it takes to reach it. Therefore, it is essential to make every eating style easy and convenient.

Intermittent fasting: the basic principles of a conscious diet

I’ll quickly summarize the basic principles I’ve put into practice to make intermittent fasting easier and more effective: what to eat and, above all, how ? Here are some examples:

  1. To select foods with a high intake of vital energies , which nourish both our body and energy parts and are easier to digest. In fact, poor digestion consumes energy. For the first three months I have completely avoided foods devoid of vital energy such as spirits, white sugar, salt, seasoning sauces, etc.
  2. Increase your own awareness of food and the various reasons why you eat.
  3. Eat carefully , without being distracted by anything else, keeping mindfulness at every meal and every time you feel a desire for food.
  4. Understand what factors cause physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy to burn . I began to pay attention to how I spent all these energies, reducing what I was consuming. I realized I needed less food to function.
  5. Always drink energized water , high vibrational frequency, 3 liters every day. This trick is especially useful for intermittent fasting for weight loss. By introducing subtle energies in abundance, in fact, it becomes easy to have one meal a day and you have to fight only with the desire for good things and no longer with weakness or hunger.
  6. Transform the diet period from a period of deprivation and restrictions to a path of contact with the body and with one’s emotions , dedicating specific moments in which to introduce experiences that enrich the body, emotions, mind and spirit.
  7. Sleeping properly, for all the hours you need, thus allowing the body to regenerate completely and start the day with energy.

These 7 steps can make your intermittent fasting an experience that is not only easy, but pleasant and constructive. So pleasant that you can carry it on as long as you want . Everyone, of course, has to find the own way to explore and apply each point. If you want to learn more, find here more information on vibrational feeding and what to eat to lose weight quickly.

Intermittent fasting: to each his own

You can greatly enrich and facilitate your path of intermittent fasting to lose weight, without having to change the technique you are already practicing and with which you feel comfortable. What to eat, how and when you fast are very personal and depend not only on your own metabolism , but also from age , give lifestyle that leads, from work and from the various activities that take place throughout the day.

A 43-year-old man working as a mover is likely to have more calories than a 28-year-old girl working as a university researcher. A person who has a lot desire for sweets and a life with many factors of stress will likely have a harder time managing fasting during the work week. Instead, it will be easier on the weekend.

Those who have just started intermittent fasting to lose weight may find it more difficult in the first period and then adapt, but the opposite is also possible . That is, starting with a lot of motivation a type of intermittent fasting that is too rigid, after the first results you could give up and go back to the old habits. Each person is a completely different world, so follow the technique of your choice and change it when it no longer suits your needs . Together with this technique you can combine vibrational feeding, facilitating the path, to be able to live in a better way and without torture.

Fasting to purify body and mind

Let us also remember that intermittent fasting is not only for losing weight quickly, but also for cleansing the body and spirit of toxins and debris . Those who have practiced it know it and, to those who have never tried it, this aspect cannot easily be told. Not everyone is interested in this further upside of intermittent fasting. If I wanted to deepen this purifying dimension , you may want to consider taking it a step further.

In the fasting phases, the vibrational frequencies of the body are raised. Perceptiveness increases and, over time, they are released emotional and mental memories and debris , without which greater clarity of thought and self-presence is achieved.

Intermittent fasting therefore becomes an excellent opportunity for know yourself differently , to look almost from the outside and also be able to have moments of great creativity and intuition. To do this it is necessary prolong the fast beyond 24 hours , obviously without ever extending it excessively and interrupting it when you feel the first signs of failure.
My way is to practice 72 hours (three days) of fasting, each lunar cycle, beginning on a new moon.

I avoid making it a duty. I don’t practice it with every new moon, but every lunar cycle is a signal that invites me to take myself three days away from normal life , to rediscover intimacy and centering with myself. I also avoid being too rigid. If on the exact day of the new moon it is not possible for me to start fasting but can start it two days later, I have no problem doing it. The same is true with duration: if I feel weakness or discomfort of any kind, I stop before 72 hours . In some cases I have instead protracted beyond fasting , because I felt great, strong and with perfect pressure.

Some examples of intermittent fasting: what to eat?

To lose weight in a healthy but unhurried way, it will be sufficient to abound with raw or steamed vegetables, avoid salt and sauces, pay attention to the doses of fat and protein rich in calories. You can safely eat any tasty dish, simply limiting the quantities. Following a fast weight loss diet is not complicated, you just need to burn more calories than you ingest. Therefore, any food can be eaten if in correct doses and that, therefore, do not exceed their basal metabolic rate.

A normal serving of lasagna and a glass of wine is a meal that is unlikely to exceed a person’s daily calorie threshold. Be careful though. The vital energies contained in this meal are very few, and it will be more difficult to get to the next day by eating these foods often they nourish the palate but not the body . Losing weight in a healthy way with intermittent fasting is therefore simple common sense and moderation, nothing too complicated.

Often, however, when we start a fast weight loss diet we are driven by strong motivation and an urgent need for results. If you have already applied the key points of vibrational feeding and want to achieve maximum results, you will have to postpone the goodies as much as possible . This, without going hungry and without depriving yourself of nourishment.

For a diet that allows us to lose weight quickly in a week or a month it is necessary to choose foods with high vibrations , which provide to cover both the right caloric intake and the balance between carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Here are some examples of combinations I used to get my results. The doses you will have to adapt to your physique, lifestyle and level of vibrational feeding as well as comfort during fasting. In each example you will find three blocks : the first of carbohydrates , the second of protein source , the third of omega3 fats .

Example 1

Fennel, celery, cucumber (raw, without oil and salt).
Boiled soy.
A handful of crumbled walnuts.

Example 2

Steamed mixed vegetables (raw, without oil and salt).
Boiled egg.
A handful of crumbled almonds or hazelnuts.

Example 3

Cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, radishes (raw, without oil and salt).
A few cubes of seasoned Parmesan.
Mixed chia seeds, soy, flax.


Intermittent fasting for weight loss has many methods of application. Each person has their favorite and that’s okay. But if we see the human being no longer as just flesh, bones and muscles, but as a being who is also made up of thoughts, emotions, feelings, inspiration , we can treat it as an essence of light and not just as a biological machine. If we begin to see ourselves as more complex creatures we can begin to take care of ourselves in a better way. Thus, feeding not only the body, but also the heart, mind and spirit.

Such as? By taking care of our functioning and the interactions that mind, heart, body and spirit involve. When there are conflicts between the heart and the mind or between the body and the spirit, our body indeed begins to malfunction, to get sick, to weaken . Creating harmony between all aspects of the human body and feeding both the physical and all other spheres (heart, mind, spirit) can lead to incredible results. In addition to making the way to reach these goals wonderful

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