Intermittent fasting diet results

Energy nutrition: you can lose weight in a healthy way

For lose weight fast there are extreme and drastic ways that lead, immediately, to sensational results. It is not that difficult to lose even more than a pound a day. The problem is that you are not losing a pound of fat, but of muscle and fluids, and that those amazing results will last very little. This is because the basal metabolism slows down and, as soon as he resumes eating normally, everything will be as before, if not worse. For lose weight in a healthy way one must instead convert to a supply energy : a diet, therefore, that looks at the quality of energizing foods more than just the calories of carbohydrates.

There are diets of all kinds, available online and for free. They have written many good books on proper nutrition, yet no one has ever fully explained the importance of supply energy . The human body is not just made of flesh, muscles, bones. The mental, emotional, sentimental and spiritual spheres play a fundamental role in weight loss. A diet that addresses these aspects will have unexpected and lasting results, allowing you to lose weight in a healthy way without having to deprive yourself of anything (if not exaggerations).

Before delving into energy nutrition, some general premise is important. Using your mind consumes energy . Not just calories, but also subtle energies . Therefore not only study or reasoning consume energy but also worries, obsessive thoughts, continuous mental background noise, internal dialogue, paranoia. Every time you use your mind you are running out of fuel.

Even the emotions they consume subtle energies, but not all burn them in the same way. Your every emotion has one specific frequency . Emotions such as joy, a sense of freedom, loving compassion, serenity, have a higher frequency and consume less energy. Low frequency emotions, such as anger, envy, jealousy, anguish, fear, sadness, shame, have a lower frequency and quickly burn your subtle energy reserves.

What’s in the food we eat ? Food is known to contain calories, carbohydrates, sugars, vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. These components of food nourish the body. But the subtle energies that we have consumed due to stress, worries, sadness, anger… how do we recover them? There is also vital energy in food. There are foods that have more and others less. That’s why we talk about energizing foods and of energy supply .

How can you lose weight quickly and healthily if you don’t understand the meaning of energy nutrition? How can you understand this if you are not aware of your nature as an energetic being? The human being is a complex machine, which cannot be reduced to a simple body and visible part. We are not just meat . I will now explain the seven steps to be able to be self-sufficient and start your new one energy or vibrational diet .

First step: adopt an energetic diet by choosing food with a high intake of vital energies

The first thing to do is start eat more energizing foods , therefore full of vital energies. Fruit is raw vegetables they have the highest energy value, the fresher they are the better. They follow vegetables and legumes cooked at low temperature. The foods that have the least supply of vital energies (indeed, they are often loaded with low frequency energies) are the red meats , followed by white and from fish . Finally sugar , salt , coffee is the they are totally devoid of life.

This information on the energy diet was confirmed by the studies of the French engineer André Simoneton , which after 20 years of research was able to measure the radiation emitted by different foods, arriving at a classification based on their vitality. He divided the energizing foods into 4 categories: superior, support, inferior and dead foods.

Superior foods (with vibrations greater than 6500 Armstrong)

  • Fresh fruit and juices (homemade and drunk immediately);
  • raw or cooked vegetables and legumes at a temperature not exceeding 70 degrees;
  • wheat, starch, flour and wholemeal bread;
  • olives, almonds, pine nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, coconut and soy;
  • fresh butter of the day, unfermented cheeses and eggs of the day.

Support foods (with vibrations between 6500 and 3000 Armstrong)

  • Fresh milk just milked, normal butter;
  • non-daily eggs;
  • honey, brown sugar;
  • wine;
  • peanut oil;
  • vegetables blanched in boiling water.

Lower foods (with vibrations below 3000 Armstrong)

  • Cooked meat, cold cuts;
  • eggs after 15 day;
  • boiled milk;
  • tea, coffee;
  • jams, chocolate;
  • White bread;
  • fermented cheeses;

Dead food (without any energy vibrations)

  • Canned food;
  • margarine;
  • sweets made with refined flour and industrial products;
  • liqueurs and spirits;
  • refined sugar (white).

It might seem that, to properly adopt an energy diet, the only way is raw food. The solution is simpler: that’s enough increase the proportion of healthy food (possibly raw) and decrease the amount of food with low vital energy. Limit the doses and times you eat group 4, 3 and 2 foods and increase the presence of group 1 energizing foods.

If you have a few extra pounds it is probably also because you like food, completely denying yourself a pleasure is an extreme road, which as such can not last long. Instead of depriving yourself of the pleasure of good food, that’s enough reduce portions and change your attitude towards food, with the next step towards energy nutrition.

Second step: raise your awareness of food

Understanding why we eat helps maintain healthy habits. Human beings eat for 3 reasons.

  1. We eat for introduce fuel into the body , thus allowing it to function properly. We now know that this fuel is not only for the body part, but also for the mental, emotional and spiritual part.
  2. Let’s have lunch because food tastes good and gives us pleasant sensations. When we choose a good thing, we do it because we like it, not because we need it. It is essential, when you eat, to be aware of what you eat because you need to stay alive and healthy and what you are choosing because you like it, because it gives you pleasant sensations that make you feel good.
  3. Let’s have lunch for boredom . Certain foods activate neurotransmitters in the brain, connected to the pleasure centers, which they release dopamine and other substances that make us feel good. When you are bored, something inside prompts you to search for what you (unknowingly) know will allow your brain to emit those substances that will stop that discomfort created by boredom.

So to be aware the trick is simple. Voluntarily choose the right amount of energizing foods, healthy foods and loads of subtle energies. Then also voluntarily choose to indulge in a few small portions of the food you like every now and then . When boredom comes, simply eat only energizing foods, then healthy and energy-laden foods, that way you will get out of the dopamine addiction trap.

Third step: pay attention to your food

Eating distracted, fast and while doing other things, is one of the best ways to gain weight. Be careful when you eat , taste the fuel you are putting into your tank. This simple energy diet trick will allow you to be more aware of what you are eating and avoid many excesses.

Pay attention too when you go shopping (and don’t go shopping hungry). The best way to resist temptation is to make it more complicated and out of reach. So if in your fridge there are many ready-made energizing foods and just a portion of your favorite dessert , in the worst case you will make a small tear, which is always better than absentmindedly finishing an ice cream cake covered with Nutella while watching television.

Fourth step: reduce the expenditure of subtle energy

The more negative emotions we feel, the more we discharge ourselves of subtle energies (and the more we will have to replenish them). Let us try to become aware of this energy metabolism and don’t waste our subtle energies on the four winds. When anger rises, it’s hard to put the brakes on it (often not even healthy to do so), but basking in low-frequency emotions is harmful and drains your strength. We can always choose to engage in some activities that stimulate positive feelings and high frequency emotions. Every day we can take a few small steps to love each other and put some light into our life. There is never enough, but even a little is better than nothing.

Also reduce the activities that drain the energy system , such as getting drunk, arguing, taking drugs, mulling over one’s mistakes or events that cause fear or concern. Everyone is able to understand which activities are worse or better for him. How do you feel after a shower? More energetic or less? How do you feel after a chat with friends? It depends on the friends. Choose the ones that make you feel better and not the ones that vamp you up. Pay attention to how you are, what makes you feel good you will find out immediately.

Fifth step: drink energized water

Water is the most important thing for the human body. Everyone knows it, but it just passes our minds. We are made of water and without it we cannot survive. In an energetic diet, water is one of the most important things, because it is necessary to drink a lot of it during the diet (at least 2 liters per day). Since you can increase the amount of life energy of water, it becomes easy to constantly integrate your subtle energies.

For increase the subtle energies of the water there are various ways:

  1. Take a blue glass bottle, fill it with water and leave it exposed to the sun’s rays for 24 hours (it will take both solar and lunar energies). Then you can put it in the fridge to cool it down, and it won’t lose its energy.
  2. Take the bottle in your hands and practice Reiki or meditation for 30 minutes. Based on your experience in the two disciplines, the life energy value of water could double, triple or even reach 70 times its initial value. This means that your energized water bottle will give you 2, 3 or maybe 70 times the energy it would normally give you. Again, the water can be stored in the fridge and cooled down.
  3. Take a bottle or crate of water and place it on top of it card the source . The water put over the card he immediately begins to increase his vital energies, which after 5 minutes have already tripled. The longer you wait, the more its value will increase, until it reaches its maximum in 48 hours. After two days, the water you had backed up the Source it will have multiplied its subtle energies by 7000 times, nourishing your subtle bodies in the best way.

Sixth step: sleep a lot, sleep well

Sleeping is the best way to recharge our subtle energies , therefore also to lose weight in a healthy way. There are theories that hold at least 8 hours of sleep. Other theories that analyze sleep cycles and others that argue that we shouldn’t sleep more than 6 hours a day. The truth is that there is no right number . You have to learn to listen to your body and give it the hours of sleep it needs. With the awareness of one’s energies and all those things that download us, one can learn to take care of one’s sleep as well.

If the day has been full of stress, anger, quarrels, it is obvious that our energies will be more discharged. Instead of watching a movie to escape from a reality that at that moment makes us uncomfortable, it is better to go to bed, close the windows properly, disconnect the phone connection (and if possible turn it off), lie down in bed with a light sheet and try to fall asleep.

If sleep doesn’t come, you can take the opportunity to practice some meditation . It is not difficult, just pay attention to your breathing, and follow the breath that enters the nose, inflates the lungs and then deflates them out of the mouth. For the practical, meditating is a great way to recharge your subtle energies, but for those who are just a beginner it is also a good way to fall asleep.

Seventh step: move your body and your heart

Underlying energy nutrition is the idea that your body is one tool . Tools, if not used, rust, get stuck, break. The best thing you can do is choose an activity that you enjoy and that allows you to use your body. You can dance, go bowling, climb trees, swim, play soccer, basketball, volleyball, skate, dive, walk. You can also use your body to make love. If the body doesn’t move, it doesn’t work properly but, above all, you are leaving in the closet one of the most powerful tools that have been given to you.

There are people who love going to the gym, doing boring and tiring repetitions in which they can vent a bad day and feel satisfied. There are other people who go home after 10 hours in the office and put on shorts and sneakers to go out for a run. Then they go home, shower, light dinner, a good read and go to sleep. Usually these two categories of people have a lifestyle that it burns more calories than are ingested , and their body has a very active basal metabolic rate and consequently an athletic body.

If you are not among these people, it makes no sense force yourself to live a life of forcing . If you deprive yourself of all the food you like, eat very few calories, do boring and tiring activities, how can you think of managing everyday life? Move your body in the simplest and most fun way you can think of, don’t condemn yourself to activities you can’t stand just to achieve the perfect physique, you won’t last long enough to get there .
Life must enrich us, and if we live a miserable life, we will have few resources to spend on what we like.

This is why it is important not only move the body but also the emotions . Inserting high-frequency emotions into our life, even through an energy diet, allows us on the one hand to conserve (or increase) vital energy, but it also helps to make our day more rewarding and rich. To achieve results in your diet it will take a short time, to get back in shape completely it may take longer, if you want to maintain those results you will have to turn your life into a better place .

Every human being has their own challenges. Some last a lifetime. To improve things, however, it takes very little and everyone can take small actions to make life a little more pleasant, or at least insert beautiful moments here and there. Your unconscious thrives on emotions, if you neglect it it will start working against you, and the unconscious has an amazing strength . The last thing you want is to convince them that your diet is something that makes your life tiring, boring, devoid of fun and excitement, and devoid of pleasant and interesting things.
When the unconscious will think this, your diet will be over and you won’t be able to go on anymore.

Energy supply: your awareness for a better life

For a effective and lasting diet it is necessary to become aware of not only being a physical body, but also creatures of light, energy, emotions, thoughts, feelings. Only by becoming aware of our true nature can we use our resources and best nourish the body. Only in this way can we return to having all our strengths and abilities. A diet of deprivation and denial is not torture, in which we are the jailer and the inmate.

Undertaking an energetic diet means choosing a path of acceptance and understanding and undertaking a different diet, in which we see who we are and we treat each other with love , becoming stronger and more authentic. In the energy diet, as in sculpture, what is removed, piece by piece, does not belong to the idea the artist has in mind. There is no loss, it is just a get rid of what we are no longer , of what is in excess and that makes us different from what we really are. So that, looking in the mirror in the morning, you can recognize yourself and there is no distance between the idea you have of yourself and what you see.

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