Forgiveness: how and why it frees your energy

Before understanding how and why forgiveness frees energy, it is necessary to understand why forgive. There are many religious – and non – religious texts that emphasize the importance of forgiveness. We will elaborate here the energetic benefits of forgiveness and the consequences of holding a grudge towards others: the more one understands the dynamic of forgiveness, the easier it will be to be able to forgive.

The types of injury

You can only forgive when there has been an event that caused a wound: for example, you have suffered a wrong that touched you in an intimate and sensitive part and hurt you, a physical attack, a slap, a shove. Perhaps you have received a verbal attack, such as insults or false accusations, a gesture that has betrayed your trust, that has violated your moral rules or some agreement, or yet, a partner who has other relationships, a partner who has plotted against you. you. You have suffered financial or material losses, such as a money theft, a thief has taken an object dear to you, or even worse you have suffered loss of loved ones.
The wounds of our innermost part can be so deep that remain open for many years and, in the worst cases, never heal completely.

The subject of forgiveness

Forgiving an event is more difficult when it hurt us deeply and the more we are affected the more we tend to defend ourselves against the person who hurt us. But who is this person?
We have suffered a wrong that has hurt us. If we know who the culprit is, he will be the recipient of our resentment or grudge, the one who has caused us this unjust evil. The closer the person is to us and it is important, the more difficult it is to forgive. Because we have suffered a lot, because we did not expect it and because those close to us can again harm us and at that moment it seems to us that resentment can defend us, create a shield for new wounds.

If it was we who hurt ourselves, the matter becomes a little more complicated: forgiving yourself is much more difficult . We are not all the same: perfectionists are usually more demanding with themselves than with others, narcissists will forgive themselves almost instantly, in general the principle applies that the more we know ourselves the easier it will be to forgive ourselves.

If it’s not someone else’s fault and it’s not our fault, who is the culprit? Where do we direct our grudge? If you have suffered an unjust evil, then either it is bad luck, or it is the fault of the cosmos, of the universe, of God. Things didn’t go the way you think they should go, something bad happened that you didn’t deserve, that isn’t fair, so you blame the landlord. Someone must always be the recipient of the grudge to direct the suffering, often there is not a single culprit, sometimes the blame is shared between various accomplices.

Energies in forgiveness

So we have an event, we have a culprit and between these two elements flows some subtle energy .
A cord, a cable, a tube that connects the wounded with the wounded. “League” is the correct word, because as long as you have a grudge or resentment towards this culprit, you will be tied to this person.
Resentment, resentment, are subtle energy of low vibrational frequency , which you constantly emit. This energy is not good for you, in many ways that we will delve into, but the first thing you need to understand is that forgiveness frees you from the toxic connection you have towards the culprit.

If you want to distance yourself from those who have hurt you, get rid of them, get away as much as possible and have nothing more to do with this person, in order to avoid them from hurting you again, the most effective thing is to forgive.
You can choose not to get rid of the person who hurt you, to give your relationship another chance. To do it it is necessary to heal one’s wound , without waiting for the other to do it, and then getting rid of any form of anger or resentment, towards the other and towards oneself. Continuing a relationship that has hurt you, without healing and forgiving is like running a marathon with a nail in a shoe. Running was already challenging when you were in top shape: how far do you think you will go with the tiredness of the kilometers you have already covered and a nail that keeps the wound in your foot open?

Forgiveness breaks the connection with those who have hurt us

Caution: to forgive is not to justify . Forgiving is not even understanding why he made that gesture. It is not admitting that what happened is right. Forgiveness is simply breaking the energy connection between the parties, stop emitting emotions such as resentment, resentment, hatred, no longer occupy the mind with revenge fantasies, accusatory thoughts, insults and stop practicing actions that aim to harm the culprit of the wound we have suffered.

Your energy keeps this connection active and alive: if there was a physical relationship between you or you are in great relational or family intimacy, this connection can remain active for over seven years . If fueled by your energies, it can remain active indefinitely, even exceeding the temporal limits of this earthly incarnation. If someone has hurt you deeply it is good to get rid of it as soon as possible and avoid carrying it with you in the karma of subsequent lives. The free forgiveness yours power

Resentment towards someone energetically feeds him

Anger, resentment, resentment and all their derivatives pollute your aura with low vibration frequencies that cause a lot of damage. To you, your life, your projects. There are very rare cases in which energy of this type causes damage to the person who caused the injury, more frequently it is energies that nourish the recipient.

The density of the heavier energies requires a great effort to reach the recipient (if physically distant), in moments of emotional peak something can pass, but if you do not practice specific exercises you are not able to do damage from a distance.
Different case if the person is inside his own emotional energy field (about 3 meters), in that case in addition to intoxicating those who feel those frequencies, the recipient is also intoxicated.

The mental part, on the other hand, proceeds more easily, especially the one related to the attention you are giving. But that type of energy has no polarity, and the part that comes to it feeds it rather than harms it. The same phenomenon happens to singers, actors and famous people: the energies that are emitted by the fans arrive in the form of attentional mental energy, even in cases where the emotion that generated the attention was not of a high vibrational frequency.

Therefore forgiveness frees your energy from the polluting effects of your own emotions and thoughts .
Nelson Mandela said: “Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping it will kill your enemies”.

Anger and resentment consume us

The reasons for forgiveness are not over yet. Let’s analyze the energy losses when we avoid forgiveness : feeling anger, resentment, resentment is not free. In fact, it takes a lot of energy to feed this constant torch.

How do you get rich? With activities that generate passive income and bring continuous income that you don’t have to work on.

How does one become poor? With fixed expenses that do not generate wealth or investments.

How do you stay fit? With activities that burn more calories than you ingest.

How do you get fat? By ingesting more calories than you burn.

How can we have enough energy for our well-being? By burning less energy than we generate. It doesn’t get any harder than that.
If your body burns 20% of its energy every day in anger, resentment, resentment, negative thoughts, revenge fantasies etc. you will have a burden that takes away a portion of your energy needs every day. In return, however, it generates toxins and emotional and mental debris that you have to get rid of.
Good deal!

Universal Laws of Attraction

But it doesn’t stop there, because the consequences of universal laws must be considered.

The law of attraction or resonance, tells that our basal frequency (the average one, which we express continuously) creates our reality. It does this in two ways: the first is to attract events in tune with that frequency; the second is to create events that agree (do not contradict) with that frequency.
In the first case there is a universal pattern, in the second there is also a hint of selective attention and a sprinkling of self-fulfilling prophecy and cognitive dissonance.
When I speak of universal laws, I am certainly not quoting “the secret” but the original work of Hermes Trismegistus. On this issue it will be necessary to make further investigations that would now lead too far off topic. I’ll just say that to simplify a complex concept, a comic was made of it.

This discussion could now end, but not. If you are already awakened, you do not pay only these energy duties, there is the lighting tax, excluding VAT. Because if despite awakening and disidentification, you still lose your energy in those low frequencies, the universe has special treatment for you. I couldn’t contradict the cosmos even if I wanted to, but here I see the meaning clearly. If you have taken the plunge, you can no longer be treated as if you were in the semi-conscious state of animal man. Now that you’ve peeked through the lock, you’re expected to behave differently. You do not do it? No problem. However, the fine for excess of morality will be higher. How it happens?

Spiritual defense for our vulnerabilities

Almost all of the spiritual warfare they clearly tell that the human being has access doors, vulnerabilities. Let’s think of a castle, with a majestic surrounding wall, and 12 doors along its perimeter. When the enemy wants to access what will he do? A first lap along the boundary wall is a must to see if there are cracks in the defenses. No cracks. He will then review the 12 gates. Each door is closed. Raised drawbridge, solid wood. Sealed closure.
The enemy in this case has two possibilities: first, change target; second, it creates a break in one of the doors in order to access. Our human nature always has some weakness, you can always easily wreak a little havoc on one of the 12. Any one? No. Everyone has their weak side.
If the enemy forces really have to break through, they find a way to make the defenses falter. If your door of grudge-resentment is broken down you are not only losing subtle energies, you are also opening a breach to external forces , who can infiltrate that wound and poison your heart and thoughts.
This could also happen to those who have not awakened, but in those cases there are more external defenses.
The Lord does not give you more than what you can bear, if you can bear it though, then you can do it yourself. The universe doesn’t like laziness, and you can have it all if you earn it. Free does not exist, there is Grace, which is another too complex theme to explore here.

Grudge attracts negative energy entities

We arrive at the last piece of the puzzle; if you persist in grudge and resentment you are emitting, quite constantly, an energetic frequency at a low vibrational level. We have already said this: you consume energy, attract things of similar frequencies, etc etc.
You also attract parasitic energy entities , which feed on that frequency range. It’s like cutting yourself with a razor and then going for a swim among the sharks. If the sharks aren’t there, they come. You are throwing away low frequency energies, which are the only food of energy entities such as shells, maggots and various other energy critters with more or less consciousness and intelligence. What danger is there? At most they take the energy you are already throwing away in the wind. In reality this kind of energy parasite feeds the wound , in order to guarantee the supply of energy for as long as possible. If you could see what happens when they attach themselves to emotional wounds and suck the life out of your body, you would take these issues more seriously.

A dear friend, skeptical about everything but curious about the subject, asked me for a diagnosis. He had two astral larvae and a thought-form that had been poisoning him for months, depriving him of both sleep and his cheerfulness (already tested by other events). He listened to the whole diagnosis very interested, without even bothering to free himself from these entities. I let it be so, without insisting. You can bathe in the river and keep leeches and ticks attached for months. Everyone has his own path, no one is invested with the title to impose his choices and his path on others.

With this we have analyzed all the dangers of maintaining hatred, resentment, resentment, anger. We can now come to how we can forgive.
You have decided that you want to forgive, you want to, but you can’t. How can you forgive if you can’t? I would like to have an easy answer. Honestly, if it were easy, would there be a need to talk about it? You would have done it by yourself already.
So let’s start with the basic point: forgiving is a titanic undertaking. The prize at stake is huge, the challenge to reach it is even greater.

A personal experience of forgiveness

I’ll tell you a story: if you’ve made it this far, you somehow deserve it.
I lived a normal life. Before awakening, like all boys, I was at the mercy of emotions, feelings and passions. At the age of about 19, I moved to another city, before leaving for military service. I had won a national poetry competition and I thought with that money to take a sabbatical. In the new city I meet new friends, one of them was more brilliant than the others. We bond immediately, as brothers. Almost a year passes and I return home and, after his military service, he too comes to my city to study.

We keep dating, with my company of the time, in which I insert it. At a party I know a girl I liked and some time later I discover that he also liked her. He starts a relationship with that girl. We also go out every now and then with everyone else, including him.

After a period of a few months, at a party at home, I go into the bedroom and see my friend and my girlfriend of the time in unclear attitudes. I take it aside and try to understand the facts, and realize in a few minutes that they had long since started a flirtation, and that all my acquaintances were aware of the situation.

The betrayal of trust, of the relationship that I had with him, was much more serious than the one, born recently, that I had with that girl. From her, whom I knew little, I could have expected it. He was like a brother, I believed in him and thought he would never knowingly hurt me. Add to this the fact that all my friends were aware that they were having an affair, and that no one had the sense (or courage) to tell me anything. In that moment I realized everything together.
I will not play the three card game now. For a few days I lost the light of reason. I was pervaded by a constant anger that did not leave me even during the night dreams, I could feel it in my mind, heart, body, like a living thing that burned inside me without ever leaving me.

After a few days something happened that struck me. One evening, in the square where I was going to get the car, I meet a mother with her baby. I was lost in my thoughts as always, and I don’t even notice them. Half a meter from me, the child says: “Mom, look at the moon!”. I look up and stay nailed. Clear sky, blue of that gorgeous dark blue. Moon that looked like a round keyhole, behind which a world of light is hidden.
I don’t know how many seconds I was stunned with my nose up. But that moon, that night, put me back on my feet.

I understood that my dear good friend had done me a great courtesy. In a single blow he had revealed his nature, that of the girl, that of all the friends I frequented. He had run a perfect investigative operation to expose a criminal organization.
That same evening, I felt gratitude. For seeing the truth. About him, about her, about them, about me. I felt gratitude for forgiving and hovering my energy.
He was him, he could not resist her, she ditto, my friends were what they were, people with a different morality from mine, for them it was right. And me? I was a dreamer, who gave people credit because he wanted to see the good and the beautiful in everyone: that’s fine, if you see what is and where it is.

I accepted that each of them was what they were. I have seen that the snake hisses and bites;
that the dog barks and bites; thunder roars, lightning strikes; the rain wets, the sun dries.

Go to the zoo, go down to the tiger cage, and get mauled. Whose fault is it?
Go into the shark tank covered in cuts, get mauled, whose fault is it?
If you know, if you know the tiger and the shark and you get off anyway, it’s your fault.
If you don’t know, you just have to learn better, there is no fault. We are here to learn.
It certainly isn’t the tiger’s or the shark’s fault.
But even if it were their fault. What changes you?

We have ideas about reality, sometimes we are wrong, when it happens it is our chance to learn.
Everyone has their weaknesses, their virtues. We all just do what we can do . Accepting who we are and who others are certainly does not mean that we can never do more. Except now, for now, that’s how it is. If we don’t like who we are, we can improve ourselves. There is no control over others, ever .

How to forgive

If you want to be able to forgive others and yourself, you need to take some basic steps:

  • Leave judgment on what is right and wrong alone : things happen that we cannot and must not evaluate in terms of right and wrong. They happen and can happen, it is a fact of reality and we have to deal with them. There are people who behave well and live in the midst of difficulties, people who do the worst things and go unpunished, people who deserve everything they fail, and people who are incapable are praised by the media and live in ease.
    Disconnect from right and wrong : deal with what is happening and accept the fact that you do not have all the data and information to be able to judge what is right and what is wrong.
    This humility is very difficult to achieve when there are important tragedies that upset the balance, but without this one cannot proceed.
  • Whatever you have suffered – wrong, loss, betrayal, suffering, harm, injury etc. – stop telling yourself it’s not fair ”,“ it’s not my fault ”: That concept is followed by another limiting belief, like“ it’s not my fault, it’s his, so he has to repair the damage ”. It’s not my fault that he attacked me, if he wants to be forgiven he will have to find a way. It is not my fault that I was hit by a bus, now the state will have to take care of me to recover. If I was born poor it is certainly not my fault; now God will have to think about making me win some lottery to make me rich.
  • Thinking in this way is a condemnation: a condemnation you do to yourself. It is not your fault but leaving the task of healing to others puts you in a passive position and playing the role of the victim is of no help to you.
    Despite the damage he suffered without fault, it is your responsibility to heal , your chance to heal, your duty to heal.
    One of the unwritten universal laws is that “If you can do it, you must do it”.
    You have to take responsibility for healing your wounds. You can start a journey to heal from what you have been through. If you at least start trying, you will see that help, where you can’t do it alone, will come.
    Help yourself, God helps you. If you do everything possible, help always comes . Always.
  • To forgive, you have to heal the wound you have suffered : even if the wound has been inflicted on you by other people, heal it yourself, do it carefully and with commitment. Don’t wait for others to heal you.
  • Forgiveness often means ending the relationship , because we realized that we are different,
    that the path is not compatible, that I thought of you something that was only my imagination; I imagined that you were a certain person and instead you are something that is not good for me Okay so, you are a perfect person anyway, but not perfect for me, not now.
  • If you want to continue the relationship with those who hurt you , you have to heal your wound perfectly and remove any trace of anger, resentment or resentment. This often involves spiritual growth of a few steps and a better understanding of reality, of oneself and of the other.


Forgiveness is an impossible challenge if you don’t understand your wound, if you don’t accept the reality of the facts. Suffering deep wrongs leads us to dark places of our nature, where it is easier to hate, brood indefinitely in resentment, rather than accepting that every human being has his limitations, his imperfections, that no one owes us anything and that we are we are always responsible for our well-being and our happiness. Falling is normal, both for us and for others. Forgiveness is not justifying, it is not canceling what has been, everything does not go back to the way it was. We learn, we understand better, we proceed, everything will be better than before, more true, more real. It is only the illusions and psychological projections that are lost along the way.
One cannot forgive until the wound is healed , we cannot forgive those wounds that we cannot heal. How to heal the wounds of the soul is a topic that will certainly need to be explored.

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