We have collected the most common frequently asked questions asked by users of QH2On products.

How long do the cards last?

The life of the cards is on average 7 years, if used correctly. The correct way is meant not to keep them near sources of
direct heat
(for example under a hot plate, in the oven, in the
microwave) and do not keep it near for a long time power cables o high frequency electronic equipment (microwave, computer, mobile phone)
If it is placed for short periods near power sources
electricity does not undergo any degeneration of energy properties.
The functioning of the cards, as long as they remain intact, is
always active therefore it will work constantly until the natural expiration (on average 7 years).

Is drinking energized and informed water addictive?

There is no addiction. What can happen is that the body, benefiting from the effects of the increase in subtle energy, manifests more desire in drinking charged water. Stopping drinking energized water does not cause withdrawal symptoms or discomfort.

Does it also work with tap water?

It also works with tap water, many users have pointed out how it makes it more pleasant and less heavy to digest.
About 45% of users have noted obvious differences in the taste and density of tap water, about 20% have differences in digestibility and greater lightness. Furthermore, regardless of the water values, the containers used do not present limestone deposits even after weeks of use

Can i energize all foods in the refrigerator?

Energizing all foods in the refrigerator is possible through a single card. The emitted energy field develops over a radius of about two meters and the influence of the electromagnetic fields generated by the refrigerator do not affect the food, and the card, contained inside it.
Place the card in the lower shelf, in the center of the shelf, with the white ring facing upwards, the water will be energetically charged and the food will remain fresher. The more the food is made up of water, the more it will benefit from the quantum card.

What happens if the water remains in charge for more than 48 hours?

What happens if the water remains in charge beyond 48 can be summarized in a very simple concept: there are no negative effects. The water starts to increase its vibrational frequency already after 5 minutes, after the maximum time there are no more frequency increases and the peak reached is maintained. L’acqua inizia ad aumentare la sua frequenza vibrazionale già dopo 5 minuti, dopo il tempo massimo non ci sono più aumenti di frequenza e si mantiene il picco raggiunto.
It can be effective to keep the water on the card until you intend to drink it, in order to maintain the maximum charge. The most common practical use is to put a pack of 6 bottles of water on top of the card (or 2 packs one above the other). L’uso pratico più comune è quello di mettere una confezione da 6 bottiglie d’acqua sopra la card (oppure 2 confezioni una sopra l’altra).

Can i measure the energy emitted by the cards?

You can measure the energy emitted by the cards, leaving the water to charge for 48 hours and then measuring the energy value on the bovis biometer. The most common way is to measure the water of a bottle or tap, write down the value in bovis reached, let the water charge for 48 hours and repeat the measurement. For this kind of test, experience in radioesthesia is required. (the use of customizable dials is recommended, as the measurements are far outside the scales normally used).

A simpler test to measure the energy emitted by the cards is through kinesiology. Even for non-professionals it will be possible to learn a muscle test (there are many tutorials on how to learn the muscle test also called “O ring” on youtube).

How much time is needed to energize water?

The time needed to energize the wateris 5 minutes, in which the charge of subtle energies of the water will double. After 48 hours, it will have reached its maximum energy charge and you can decide whether to leave it on the card or remove it without the energized water losing its benefits over time.
Taking tap water as the basic value, to which we assign an energy value of 1, after 5 minutes the energy charge has doubled, reaching its maximum charge in 48 hours with a 7000-fold increase in subtle energies.
The maximum values ​​and the time required to energize the water can be traced back to the card The Source.

How close must the card be to the water to energize it?

Normally the quantum card is placed on the table or on the floor, with the white ring facing upwards and the bottle or the case of bottles rests on the card, leaving them to load for 5 minutes to 48 hours (in the case of the card The Source).

However, the card has a range of action of about 2 meters, therefore even if the bottle was not resting on the card, but raised, it would still be computerized. For this reason you can put a case of water on top of the card and another case stacked on top of the first.

It is advisable not to exceed the 3 cases of water one above the other, as the effects are more than one meter away from the card, but they begin to decrease. (this example is valid for The Source, the range of action of The Bridge is instead 7 meters but it is mainly used for rooms, chairs, beds or beds for therapy).

Can I put the card under the pillow before sleeping?

Quantum cards help improve sleep quality. This occurs in different ways than the type of card and the type of problem. If the time you sleep is too little and you wake up tired and lacking in energy, drinking during the day, water informed with the The Source card, you can wake up more energized and rested. If instead your problem is disturbed dreams and restless sleep, the best choice is to put the Bridge card under the mattress, which helps centering and psychophysical balance. Informed water is not a drug or a drug, therefore constant use is required for at least a few weeks to achieve stable effects.

Can I use the cards even if I am using medicines?

Energy charged water is not modified at the molecular level, therefore it does not have chemical interactions different from the water that is normally consumed.

Vibrational waters and informed water can always be used in combination with medicines. In all those cases in which the symptoms should diminish or disappear, please remember that you must NEVER, under any circumstances, interrupt or modify the intake of medicines arbitrarily.

The medicines have been prescribed by a doctor and it is only the doctor who can decrease or stop the doses. If you feel well and you no longer have symptoms, talk to your doctor and he will change the dosages after evaluating your condition.

Does energized water have negative interactions with alcohol?

We tried the quantum cards with beer, wine and spirits. The taste does not change, in any of the three cases, digestion and metabolization is much improved, especially in beer and wine, for spirits less, as they contain less water than beer and wine and therefore are less affected by the frequencies of the quantum cards . The ideal card for those who want to energize wine and beer is The Source.

Can cards help me as an emotional top-up?

Emotions burn vital force, which can give relief in situations of stress overload, to the detriment of one’s energy well-being and psychophysical balance.
The Quantum card The Source provides maximum support in all cases of lack of subtle energies, because it provides charged water at the maximum energy frequency. To obtain balance, centering, rooting and purification from heavy energies, we recommend the use of The Bridge card, to be used in environments where most of the time is spent.