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Healing the Planet

Is there a way to change the events that are happening in the world? Can I help all the people who are suffering in this moment of crisis? Can I make sure that people don’t get sick anymore, that people choose harmony over conflict? Some people would like to be able to do something more than wear a mask or comment a like or a heart on the images of tragedy and pain that are found on the net.

Many people are already doing something, many more than they imagine, are using their spiritual gifts to make them available to humanity. Those gifts are within each of us, but the news does not help us see them and does not teach us how to use them.

Only 1 would be enough

In order to see the first positive effects of energy practices on the world, it is not necessary for everyone to commit themselves, a small percentage is enough: only 1%. Not everyone knows this information, yet it is nothing new. Many experiments have been done on the subject, starting from the 70s: the phenomenon is called the Maharishi Effect (from the name of its discoverer).

Maharishi effect

Maharishi was an Indian philosopher and mystic who theorized that a geographical area can be positively influenced by the effects of meditation of 1% of its inhabitants. This 1% must be able to meditate effectively; in such a way as to connect with what he called the “unified field, that is, the whole, the One. Many universities and scholars over the years have pledged to test this theory which in the past 30 years has collected over 50 scientific studies demonstrating Maharishi’s insights. Last but not least, the FBI conducted the analysis of crime in the cities, before and after meditation groups met, the finding was a lowering of crime even in areas and areas where it was statistically higher.

Further developments

Maharishi’s early theories believed that at least 1% of the population was needed to bring positive effects to that particular geographic area. The first tests therefore took place in small areas, where it was easier to find a sufficient number of people capable of performing his meditation technique (transcendental meditation). Over the years the tests have been done in increasingly larger areas, and with new meditation techniques, which required no more than 1%, but the square root of 1%. These numbers awakened the interest of science and new technologies, it turned out that the technique used to meditate was indifferent, only its effectiveness was important.

Meditate effectively

Thanks to numerous researches, science has shown that the more effective meditation is, the more regular the heartbeats of those who are practicing are. The beat can be slow or fast, but the time that separates one beat from the other will be more and more identical, until the state of perfect meditation, in which the heartbeats resemble those of a metronome. This unit of measurement is called “cardiac coherence”.
New technologies have also developed equipment to measure cardiac coherence, and biofeedback equipment has long been available, allowing those who engage in meditation to assess their actual capacity.

Meditate for the planet earth

Whenever you meditate deeply, you are sending your resonance to the whole planet, thus helping to bring harmony back into every person, animal or plant. The more people who practice consistently, the more we will see the effects on a large scale, but every contribution, however small, will be part of the result. Maybe you don’t know and 1 your neighbor meditates, maybe 10, if he could find even only 1 hour a month to do it together, the effects would be felt throughout the neighborhood. Those who manage to overcome the separation of this period and practice together with others will be able to make a difference.

Is praying okay?

If the faithful who are united in a group are able to reach a state of high cardiac coherence, the effects will be the same as those of meditation. Unfortunately, in many contexts this is difficult, as in prayer groups there are often dense energies, such as those of shame, suffering, inadequacy, which prevent one from reaching openness of the heart, centering and therefore also good coherence. cardiac.

Surely it is possible that if the prayer group manages to do it with unconditional love, without living the moment with fear, pain or embarrassment, effects very similar to those experienced in meditation can develop, but this is more likely to happen when you pray in solitude. .
It cannot be denied that certain prayers are heard and the help of providence is obtained, but in this context we try to understand what can be done with one’s own strength. .

Using Reiki for the planet

If you have attended the course for the second level of Reiki, you can act differently. From the second level on, it is possible to use energy for distance healing. This means that you can use it both to direct it to distant people, animals and objects, or that you can send energy to events or situations. It doesn’t matter how much distance there is between you and what you are sending energy to; as quantum physics has also shown, there is a connection field between energy in which time does not affect. If it takes a person a long time to reach the other side of the world, the energy comes to us in the time when your intent is focused.

Specific uses of Reiki

You can use Reiki to send energy to a situation, with the intention that it will be resolved for the best, universal energy knows the right way to operate and all you need to do is send it to its destination. However, there are other cases in which we want to act more specifically. Thinking about this moment of global crisis, there can be many aspects to which you want to contribute, with Reiki you can act in a more targeted way, on the various aspects of the situation.

You can send energy so that those who are suffering find the strength to overcome this moment of crisis, send Reiki to people who are being stunned by fear, to help them keep their hearts open and face this period with more clarity and love.

Or send energy to those who have lost loved ones, or to doctors who are facing very tiring days, both in hospitals and in research, where we are still working to find better solutions and answers. You can also send Reiki to planet earth, Gaia is also going through a time of change and she needs help like all of us.

Send Light

If you don’t like to meditate and you haven’t attended Reiki courses, you can do something simpler: use your intent to send light. Just relax and sit comfortably, close your eyes and imagine the situation or person you want to send light to. Imagine it as already resolved, in its maximum splendor. Observe in detail how everything has finally gone into its place, walk through every aspect of the story or event, living that moment of light with joy.

Our spiritual body is connected to our soul and our soul is connected to everything. What you are experiencing in your mind will draw energies from the universe and this light will come where you imagined, nurturing what you have chosen to heal.


Each of us can do something to contribute to the solution and healing of every event we are experiencing, both as individuals and as peoples and all of humanity. It will not be a single bucket of water that can put out a mountain fire, it is necessary that anyone who feels it, must start contributing. Many people will feel they want to do their part with their civic contribution, or with their financial or support and listening contribution.

We are all different and the important thing is that everyone gets involved with the tools they have and in the way they feel they want to contribute, because no result, in any field, will be the result of the work of a few. Those who choose to send energy and light for the healing of the world can also choose to give strength and light to all others who are contributing, in their own way.

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