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How the cards energize the water

How the cards energize the water depends on the material and the energy circuit with which they were created. The material chosen for the cards is able to record the frequencies.
In fact, PVC is used in many hotels that imprint a frequency that the card emits and can be read by devices. The keys to the rooms of many hotels are PVC cards on which a frequency is recorded, the reader of the room when he reads that specific frequency, opens the lock.

Dynamic energy circuits are recorded in the quantum cards, which emit subtle energy frequencies. The water in contact with this frequency changes its energy structure, continuously increasing its energy vibration. After 48 hours of exposure to this program, water is no longer able to increase its vibrational frequency as it has reached its maximum energy saturation. The cards therefore, in simple words, emit a frequency that changes the energy structure of the water and increases its frequency of subtle energy.

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