how to cleanse the house of negative energies

How to cleanse the house of negative energies

The practical guide on how to cleanse the house of negative energies , arises from the permanence of the subtle energies emitted by the human being in the places where it is found. Subtle energies that attach themselves to the places where they are emitted. Strong emotions have a greater density and remain attached to walls, floors, furniture, much longer than light emotions, which open the heart and make us feel good. Some people have a greater sensitivity to these negative and dense energies, and they clearly feel the energetic difference that exists between an energetically positive environment and a room charged with negative energies.

Some people cannot spend too much time in negative environments, they immediately feel discomfort. These more sensitive people, if they live in a house that is not energetically clean, can develop even more serious and harmful health problems over time. As for the sense of smell, there are those who are less sensitive and manage to live in environments with strong smells, and those who cannot feel good in a room that is not clean and fragrant.

Types of harmful energies

The negative energies that we can find in the environments are of various types, from electromagnetic energies, developed by the electricity of the power cables and from electrical and electronic equipment, to the energy fields derived from the energy bodies of the human being, i.e. the physical, etheric body , emotional, mental, spiritual and soul.

There energy cleaning of the house and environments in general, it does not concern electromagnetic fields but subtle energies. The good news is that a house cleaned of negative energies strengthens the defenses of the human body and makes it much more resistant to external interference including electromagnetic fields, which although unchanged, will cause much less damage.

Natural methods to clean the negative energies of the environments

There are some natural ways to cleanse negative energies and bring light and positive energy back into your home. These are the most traditional and allow a strong energetic purification, of those denser energies that can be stratified over time. They are not suitable for all people, but the list of methods is varied, so that multiple different methods can be combined with each other for a deeper cleansing.

General indications

For all methods, without distinction, please note:

  • Clean the house and floors before purifying, the physical cleaning of the rooms is carried out before the energetic one.
  • Before starting to purify a room, put a bucket of water in the room. The bucket for washing on the ground is fine and the water must be cold and tap.
  • Throw this water down the toilet at the end of the purification.
  • Open the windows during purification and ventilate the premises as necessary.

1) Smudging with white sage

White Sage is one of the most potent herbs for home cleansing. It can be found in small knotted bunches, ready for fumigation, also available in herbal medicine. The use is very simple, you light the opposite end to the stems, let it burn for a few seconds and then the flame goes out.

After extinguishing the flame, it will begin to emit a lot of thick smoke, at which point the sage is passed along the walls, particularly insisting on all corners, on the doors and on the windows. It will be necessary to ventilate the rooms very well, as white sage has a strong characteristic odor, for this reason it is not suitable for people with particular allergies or sensitivities.

2) Incense sticks or Palo Santo

L ‘incense in sticks or the Palo Santo they can be used in the same way as White Salvia, lighting them, and passing smoke on corners, walls and fixtures. The effectiveness is a little less than that of white sage, but the smell is much more pleasant. A good solution is to combine this method with other methods to enhance the effect. Always ventilate the premises well after purification.

3) Incense in grains or cones

The incense in grains or cones can be used for a saturation fumigation, to use it you need an incense burner and a piece of charcoal, which will be lit under the burner. Unlike the other fumigations, in this case the incense is lit in grains or cones, the windows and doors are closed and the room is left, letting it fill with smoke.

It is not suitable in rooms with smoke alarms and is not recommended in rooms with curtains or carpets (unless you really like the smell of incense). Also in this case it is very important to ventilate the premises well before staying there.

4) Incense blend of Olibanum and Myrrh

The incense in grains, of Olibanum quality, is ideal for purification of environments, especially if combined with grains of Myrrh. The correct proportion is one grain of Myrrh for every 7 grains of Olbanum. Again to use the grains you need an incense burner and a piece of charcoal.

The use of this mixture is very effective, but the smell of Olibanum and Myrrh is very strong and pervasive, it is therefore recommended to do some tests to make sure you do not have allergic reactions to these substances and do not find them too unwelcome to the sense of smell. . In any case, ventilate the premises well after use.

Methods for smoke-free energy purification

The energetic cleaning of the house with the previous methods is not suitable for all people, smoking can be unwelcome or cause irritation to the eyes of some people. Anyone with reservations about using incense or herbs can find a combination of the following methods for the cleansing of negative energies in the home.

5) Coarse salt, essential oils and crystals

Coarse salt grains have been used since ancient times to purify environments. Just put 3 grains of coarse salt in the corners of each room to absorb some of the heavy energy of the environment. This method alone is not enough for an energetic cleansing, but it can be combined with the use of white sage essential oils.

The essential oil can be put in a nebulizer for essential oils or in a simpler way, you can add a few drops to the water of the radiator humidifier or a few drops together with the water in a sprayer for liquids. These methods are not suitable for environments heavily loaded with negative energies but are perfect for a monthly maintenance purification (after performing a deeper energetic cleansing with other methods)

6) Mantras, prayers, candles

You can use your own prayers to purify the environment or specific mantras. The most recommended is Om Mani Padme Hum . The effect is certainly made more effective by the use of a candle, preferably white or clear, and by a deep state of concentration.

The states of deep meditation can produce effects of environmental purification, however it is a level of concentration and spiritual elevation that on the one hand is not reachable by everyone, on the other hand it is difficult to reach in an environment overloaded with negative energies, which can make unpleasant meditation or concentration.

These methods are most recommended for keeping energized environments that have previously been deeply cleansed of negative energies.

7) Music 432 Hz

Music a 432 Hz it has effects of environmental purification and energization of the environments. You can find many songs with this frequency, even for free on youtube. The choice is very wide, many songs have music while others only environmental and relaxing sounds, but it is important not to choose the songs with the words “binaural beats” or “binaural sound”.

That kind of audio is made for the use of headphones and is not suitable for the environments, the choice of those songs with the speakers is not harmful but makes the action completely ineffective. This type of cleaning is not suitable for environments that are too loaded with heavy energy and it is recommended to use it for maintaining cleanliness and for energizing.

8) Reiki (from the second level)

All Rieki practitioners who have achieved at least the second level, can purify environments from negative energies, this technique is very powerful and immediate, and it is recommended to practice it frequently to keep the environmental energies always high.
The recommended symbol sequence for purification is 1,2,1 on each wall and 1,2,1,3,1 in the center of the room.

8) The Bridge and Vortex

The energy cards Vortex and The Bridge they absorb the subtle negative energies and transform a part of these dense energies into positive energy vibrations for the organism.

Just place them near the bed or near the dining table and it will begin its work of eliminating negative energies, with a range of up to 7 meters from the center of the card .

The constant action of the energy cards allows you to always have energetically positive environments and its small size makes it suitable for many uses:

  • Under the bed for a sleep without external influences
  • Under the kitchen table to purify the area
  • In the first shelf of the refrigerator, to eliminate negative food energies
  • In the belief to eliminate negative energies of preserves and energize the food
  • Inside the jewelry box, to purify rings, pendants, precious stones and jewels.

10) Stones and crystals

The stones and crystals are a valuable aid in maintaining the positive energy environment and practicing a constant energy purification action, even if numerous large crystals would be necessary for excellent results.

The recommended use is therefore the localized one, for specific purposes. There shughite it is ideal to put under the bed or near the computer workstation, while the amethyst it is recommended for the desk, the bedside table and is a perfect jewel case where you can keep jewels and precious objects.

Rooms charged with resistant negative energy

For rooms and environments with denser energies we recommend the combination of multiple methods and a more frequent purification. It may indeed take several sessions to bring the energies back to an ideal state. It is recommended to pay maximum attention to the purification of the bedroom, especially if it is a room where two partners sleep.

The place where we sleep is in fact always very full of energies that if left to settle can disturb sleep, every discussion, quarrel, every emotion we emit, even during nightmares, is deposited on the walls, on objects, on furniture, on fabrics, creating a denser and more harmful environment day after day.


Every place we frequent can give us positive energy, helping us along the way, supporting us and nourishing our strength, making our stay more pleasant. If you don’t take care of the energies of the house, however, these energies can be negative, unpleasant or harmful and this transforms the place.

Those who are more sensitive to subtle energies will immediately notice the difference, but the benefits will reach everyone, not just those who perceive the energies more clearly.

Just one conscious person, in each family, is enough to change the life of all the inhabitants. Cleansing the home is a simple practice and an act of love towards our loved ones.

Taking care of your well-being also includes the energy purification of food, you can find here an in-depth analysis.

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