How to increase daily vital energy

Increasing daily life energy is possible in many ways. Through a long experience in meditation or other holistic practices, but also through the energized and informed water . Energized water is simple water to which vibrational frequencies are raised by charging it with subtle energies. A concept (eg love, health, etc.) is imprinted on informed water which changes its structure.

How to create informed and energized water

You can create informed and energized water for your well-being through various methods: the most effective involve the use of a ticket, the use of solarized water and QH2On cards. Here you find the guide to creating your informed and energized water .

How to increase daily vital energy

Increase your daily life energy with QH2On cards

The cards QH2On they increase the vibrational frequency of water up to 7000 times, transferring it to your body and increasing your vital energy. You don’t need to drink many liters of energized water every day. On the contrary, frequency is more important than quantity. To increase the daily vital energy are ideal 10 small sips throughout the day rather than a liter all at once . Drinking energized water is a complement, not a replacement for the principles of correct hydration:

1200 ml of liquids between 1 and 3 years;
1600 ml between 4 and 6 years;
1800 ml between 7 and 10 years;
from 11 to 17 approximately 2 liters per day are required.
2.5 liters per day in male adults, 2 liters in women.

When to increase daily vital energy

Strong emotions, stress peaks and adrenaline rushes, reset the body, activating the nervous system in Attack / Escape mode (Sympathetic System). The very intense emotional or mental energy frequencies lower the vibration of the body and during the day there are many events that bring us back to that state of activation. The frequent use of energetically charged water helps to raise the vibrational frequency of the body and counteract the numerous daily events that interfere with the well-being of the individual. For maximum results, you can use your attention, when you drink water, to focus on yourself and silence the strong emotions or the background noise of the mental dialogue. In this way, the water frequencies will be able to act fully and without limitations from internal interference.

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