the methods to purify the energies of food

How to purify the heavy energies of food

Find out how to purify the heavy energies of food, especially of animal origin, such as meat, milk, eggs and cheeses. They are methods that allow you to prevent heavy energies from entering your energy circulation.

You can choose to completely eliminate animal foods and their derivatives from your diet, or start purifying the heavy energies of food and minimize its negative effects.

Effects of negative energies

Everyone knows by now that it is a good habit to wash food well. Before eating a fruit, you wash it to remove any residues of soil or pesticides. These are things that even children know and have now become automatic gestures.

Few know the negative effects of heavy energies:

  • Bad digestion
  • Aerophagia
  • Drowsiness
  • Lowering of immune defenses
  • Heaviness
  • Irritable bowel
  • They facilitate the onset of intolerances
  • Slow digestion
  • Disturbances in evacuation

The more the food you eat is loaded with heavy energy, the more it becomes a factor of overload and impact on all these symptoms.

Starting to purify the energies of food, especially that of animal origin and that preserved, you will see a rapid improvement of digestion and general health.

Maximize the results

For best results, however, you will also need to start selecting, when possible, meat that does not come from intensive farming. In those contexts, the animal’s life is so stressful that its cortisol production is very high.

Cortisol stays in your flesh and it’s very harmful to ingest that kind of meat. Energy purification acts on the subtle energies that remain impregnated in meat and animal derivatives, it does not modify the presence of those toxins at the molecular level, therefore, to cleanse well, it is necessary to act both on the physical level, choosing better meat, and on the level of subtle energies, purifying the foods we eat.

How to purify your food

There are a few ways to get rid of the dense energies from your food. Some are comfortable but you can only do them when you are at home, others are simple but take more time, let’s see all the alternatives.

Method 1: Reiki

Using Reiki to purify food is very convenient and takes little time. If you have at least the second level of Reiki you can use the SHK-CHK symbol sequence (using the CHK to boost the first SHK). Then just keep your hands on the food for a few minutes to clean up most of the heavy energies.
The time it takes depends on the quality of the food (so how many negative energies it contains) and the level of Reiki and how often it is practiced. You can check for yourself if the food is loaded with negative energies and after you have cleared the energies, you can check if it is still bad for you now or is it okay. To do this you can read the guide on how communicate with the unconscious.

Method 2: Amethyst Druse

ThereDruze of Amethyst it is a well known geode by those who use energy therapies with crystals and rough stones. This beautiful rock has been used for centuries to purify stones and release the negative energies accumulated by the crystals. you can put a Druse of Amethyst in the fridge, placing it on the lowest shelf, and leave the food on top for a few hours.
Again, time always depends on how much negative energy is present in the food. Learn the muscle self-test and you will know in a second when the food is cleaned and you can eat it without damage.

Method 3: Energy card Vortex

When you eat at a restaurant or at other people’s homes, certain good habits are difficult to carry on. Carrying an Amethyst geode around is too uncomfortable, doing Reiki on food during a lunch break with colleagues could attract too much attention. Often, to conform, we put our well-being in the background.

There is a method to always have at hand a method to purify food, it is the quantum card Vortex.

It can be attached under the last shelf of the fridge, e it will constantly purify everything inside the fridge, because it has a range of 5 meters (on the sides and upwards). It can be taken on trips, to friends’ houses, to restaurants, and used under serving dishes, without attracting attention. (be careful not to put it under too hot dishes!).

Vortex has an energy program that aspires negative energies, constantly, 24 hours a day, transforming some of them into energies that are beneficial for the environment and the person. The card needs no maintenance and if it is not burned, cut or held over electrical cables, it will last an average of 7 years.


Food is the main source of nutrients, and can be the cause of well-being as a source of problems and diseases and ailments of many types. To take care of your health and well-being it is necessary to eat in the best way.

People of the past did not know what pesticides were, so if a food looked clean it was not washed, with serious damage to health. The humanity of the next generations will have learned to clear the negative subtle energies. Just as it is normal to wash what we eat, so it will be to purify the heavy energies of food.

Someone can start doing it today, the tools are there, everyone does not need to have learned to do it and it is normal to start taking care of their own diet and that of their family.

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