purifies the house, food and objects

How to purify the house, objects and food

The energies of strong, low frequency emotions, such as anger, pain, hate, are denser and they remain partly attached to material objects , it is important to know how to purify the home, objects and food of animal origin.

How often to purify

Purifying the areas where you spend more time, such as the bedroom and the room where you eat your meals, is necessary at least once a year .
The walls of the rooms and the furniture hold much more heavy energies, and over time, every place becomes imbued with the energies of fear, jealousy, suffering, worry, envy, anxiety.

The people most sensitive to these energies and the most empathic ones, can have serious discomfort inside these places, full of dense energies, and in the worst cases they can even transform into physical symptoms of malaise . It therefore becomes essential to know how to purify the house, objects and food.

Why purify objects

Even the objects we use every day can be charged with dense energies, especially if they are jewels or minerals.
For clothing, the problem is solved with washing , which also eliminates any energies that are attached.
Instead, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and glasses remain on display all the time to external energies and they must be purified to release the accumulated charge.

People who are more sensitive to energies and vibrations will know when to do it, who has not yet developed his perceptiveness can purify objects when they are bought or given away once a year later.

Only those who work or live in environments with many energies linked to suffering or fear , or environments filled with negative energies, such as hospitals, it may need two or three annual purifications .

Environments charged with negative energies

Living in a house full of dense energies, leads us to tune in more often to negative emotions . The heavy energies that remain attached to objects make it easier for us to return to low frequency areas and we get angry more often, we remain worried for a long time, we let anxiety and sadness ruin our day.

Nobody would live in a house full of organic waste, negative energies are however invisible and therefore only those who are aware can take measures and keep environments and objects clean.

Heavy energies in food

Dense energies accumulate slowly, in fact just remembering to clean up once or twice a year to solve the problem. However, this is not true with food.
Foods such as meat, eggs and milk are charged with the energy of the animal they come from .

The sad reality is that many animals no longer lead natural lives. They are deprived of the spaces they need and have inadequate treatment, which leads them to experience many negative emotions. These emotions create low frequency energy that sticks to their flesh , in eggs and milk.

Other negative energies can remain in stored foods, when they come from factories or places with heavy energies, it doesn’t happen with fresh fruit or vegetables , as the time in which they are touched by humans is too short to leave energy residues.

Everyday we eat food that has a vital charge , which produces beneficial effects for the body, there are foods with more vital energy and others with less. In food, however, there are also many dense energies derived from negative emotions and from the places where it was made.

These energies can be cleaned , to start eating in a healthy and clean way, nourishing the body without poisoning our energy bodies.
Here you can learn more about energy nutrition and the energies of food.

How to purify the house, objects and food with three practical methods

Method 1: water, salt and white sage

Material practices are valid for the purification of environments, the objects found inside these rooms will also be cleaned up from the negative and denser energies. With this method, it is not practical to purify food.

  1. Before starting to purify a room, put a bucket of water in the room. The bucket for washing on the ground is fine and the water must be cold and tap.
  2. Buy a bunch of White Sage, it is already sold rolled up in herbal medicine and is considered sacred by many peoples as well as used in shamanism.
  3. One end of the bunch lights up and lets it burn for a few seconds.
  4. After a few seconds the flame goes out and the sage starts to emit smoke.
  5. Pass the smoke of the sage near the walls and in the corners of the room.
  6. (the windows must be kept open during this sage fumigation)
  7. Put 3 grains of coarse salt in the corners of each room.
  8. Throw the bucket of water down the drain or a manhole, do not give it to animals or plants.
  9. Close the windows and light the incense (better if incense in grains)
  10. When the room is full of smoke, you can open the windows.

Method 2: energy

The energy practices are valid for the purification of the environments, the objects that will be found inside these rooms, will also be cleaned of negative and denser energies. With this method you can also purify food .

Reiki: Those who have from the second level of Reiki onwards can use these sequences
– for the purification of the room: symbols 1, 2, 1, on each wall + symbols 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, in the center of the room.
– for the purification of food: symbols 1, 2, 1, and a few minutes of reiki (based on the size of the food and its charge of dense energies.

Those who do not practice Reiki can use the following techniques:

  • Chanting : the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum , has purifying properties. You can find a comfortable position and sing it, preferably in combination with the use of the Tibetan bell.
  • Prayer : the rosary technique is ideal for producing beneficial effects even in environments. It is recommended to perform it alone or in the presence of truly believers.
  • Meditation : In cases where deep meditation is achieved, the spiritual body emits a frequency that sweeps away the denser energies in the room. Cardiac coherence is measured to measure one’s meditative ability.
    One tool to do this comes from the institute HearthMath , theirs EmWave measures from a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 10 of cardiac coherence.
    To obtain energy purification effects you must pass level 8 .

Food purification

chanting, prayer and meditation can also be used to purify food. The duration of purification is closely linked to the level of practice and the concentration achieved. Only in cases of deep centering and energetic elevation do external purification effects occur.

Method 3: Energy card

The energy cards of the Vortex and The Bridge series absorb low frequency energies and they transform some of these dense energies into positive energetic vibrations for the organism.
Just place them near the bed or near the dining table and it will begin its work of eliminating negative energies, with a range of up to 7 meters from the center of the card .
The constant action of the energy cards allows to have always energetically positive environments and its small dimensions make it suitable for many uses:

  • Under the bed for a sleep without external influences
  • Under the kitchen table to purify the area
  • In the first shelf of the refrigerator, to eliminate negative food energies
  • In the belief to eliminate negative energies of preserves and energize the food
  • Inside the jewelry box, to purify rings, pendants, precious stones and jewels


The awareness of the subtle energies that bind to environments, objects and food, opens the possibility of a life free from negative energies and the creation of healthier and more pleasant environments, free of harmful influences for the living organisms that frequent them. It takes only one conscious person, in each family, to change the life of all the inhabitants of the planet. How to cleanse the house, objects and food is a simple practice and an act of love towards our loved ones. Please help us share this knowledge.

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