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If you place the card on the wrong side

The symbol of the white ring must face towards the water, if you position the card on the wrong side there are no negative effects but the energy charge will occur more slowly than usual.

The card transmits a frequency that comes out of that specific point. The radius of action is 2 meters, with a reduction of the effect based on the distance of about 50% for each meter of distance.

The effect of the card is not only upward but also horizontal, always with a radius of 2 meters. If the card is placed backwards, the energy is partly dispersed in the environment and partly accumulates in the area of ​​the card.

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Symbol to keep in the direction of the water

If you position the card on the wrong side, the water is loaded much more slowly, due to the effect of the reverberation energy that is centered around the card. Important to underline that on the side of the symbol (opposite the white circle) there is no emission of negative energy and there is no withdrawal of energy, so there are no negative effects in putting the card in the opposite way, but only a significant slowdown of the charging process.

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