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Increase the benefits of natural cures and therapies

Drinking energized water helps increase the benefits of natural cures and therapies. These are techniques, disciplines and practices that do not refer to traditional medicine. Many of them have millenary origins and consider man as a single entity made up of body, mind and spirit. Healing therefore takes place on all levels.

Energized water in natural therapies and cures

Drink energetically charged water with The Source increase your vibrational frequency and, consequently, the effectiveness of all natural therapies. It amplifies its effects on your body. In addition, place the quantum card The Bridge under the massage table before the energy treatment, it improves the experience and enhances the results of therapies such as Shiatsu, osteopathy, massages, Reiki, acupuncture etc.

Energy diagnosis

Drinking energized water helps increase the benefits of natural cures and therapies, however it may affect the initial diagnosis. In diagnostic therapies that use the energy system, such as kinesiology, it is not recommended to drink the energized water before the session, as the charge of subtle energies could interfere with the correct diagnosis by the operator.

Imagine, for example, that your fifth chakra is unbalanced due to emotional trauma. By drinking energetically charged water just before the session, the therapist would not detect the imbalance of the fifth chakra due to the energetic rebalancing. As the cause of the imbalance is not resolved, the energy imbalance would again manifest itself. If you use energy therapeutic systems that are based on a diagnosis, it is sufficient to avoid drinking loaded water on the day of the visit, until the energy diagnosis has been made. From that moment on, you can continue to take it safely, even during the session itself (if there are no other diagnostic phases within the session). Kinesiology, in particular, is a useful discipline for check the benefits on your body of water energetically charged with quantum cards.

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