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Informed and energized water for animals and plants

Giving informed and energized water to animals and plants is a great way to give them love and take care of them.

Informed and energized water for animals

Animals also need energy. From our experiments we have found that unlike humans, animals have only a few moments when they need energized water, when they have reached the state of balance they no longer seek it. The best solution is therefore to prepare a bowl with loaded water and one without, sothat can freely choose when to use it. All animals are sensitive to subtle energies, especially cats, their instincts will guide them to use the loaded water when they need it. So do not put the quantum card under the kennel or pillow where your pet usually sleeps, prepare a pillow or cover in another place, so that your pet can choose it only when it needs it.

Informed and energized water for plants

Quantum cards are excellent for plant and tree health. Especially if medium or large. However, if you have small or very young flowers or seedlings, we recommend using only The Source X20, ias for some plants too small or young, the energies of The Source or The Bridge they can be too strong. It is not a general rule and there have been experiments on seeds that have given excellent effects, however, proceed carefully and if you use the most powerful quantum cards, observe your plant daily, so you can remove the card if the energies were excessive .

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