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Manage the energy of anger

After years of meditation, work on yourself, commitment to your spiritual evolution, you still can’t always manage the energy of anger and you see it as a obstacle to your spiritual growth . When anger fills your body you are brought back to an almost animal dimension and it seems to you that you have taken a step back, to have gone back to when you were no longer young and unaware.
The greater the anger, the less control our mind or spirit has over what happens, and this is how after strong emotions of this type, we often feel guilty, feel shame, a sense of failure.

They wrote to me a few days ago with this very question, and with these concerns. How come even today, after so much spiritual growth, I still can’t manage the energy of my anger? Where am I doing wrong? How can I stop getting angry ?

Questions of this kind are important and need to be answered. A different vision is needed, because too many videos and writings lead to misrepresent the topic and confuse ideas. I will not give you here any truth to swallow, but a series of perspectives with which you can seek the accessible side of your reality.

Judging emotions

You can be tempted to judge emotions. Does it make sense to do so? Are there good and bad emotions? It cannot be judged in an absolute sense, they must be good or bad in relation to something.

Is happiness a good emotion? If we are to judge absolutely, it must be good in any situation. Yet if we have suffered a great trauma and are happy, it is a sign that something strange is happening.
Is fear a negative emotion? If our unconscious catches signs of serious danger and our body emanates fear, this helps us to avoid serious damage.
Anger is no exception. Anger makes sense , like any other emotion.

If you really want to judge emotions, do it on that basis. How much that emotion is helping you ? It’s good for you? Does it help you live better or in a healthier and more natural way? We have emotions for valid reasons, let’s use them.

What are emotions for

Emotions emanate from the emotional body , which is a communication channel. The emotional body receives the external emotional frequencies and transmits the internal ones, both to our mental consciousness and to the other emotional bodies of living creatures. Emotions are also the most used communication channel by our subconscious, which does not have a verbal communication modality, but symbolic and energetic. One of the most important functions of emotions is this.

Emotions are used to listen to ourselves , they are our compass to explore our inner nature and the way in which our subconscious communicates to us its state of well-being or discomfort, its desires, its fears, its opening or closing.


Emotions are also present in all human beings, of all cultures, at all times. They helped homo sapiens not to become extinct and to respond correctly to the stimuli of the environment. Because emotions are connected to the body’s responses, which help it to tune in the correct way to what is happening and to react optimally.

So fear works well if it stops you from making a big mistake, allows you to run away faster or avoid taking harm.
Sadness allows you to empathize with other people, to send out a signal for help or simply to process and metabolize a great loss, without holding onto the energies of suffering for too long.

What is anger for?

Anger is used to react to an attack . So if you get angry your body reacts automatically to attack so it can defend itself.
First then the anger tells you that you have been hurt or that they are still hurting you. You can use your anger as an intrusion alarm and when you get angry, bring your awareness to the present moment and ask yourself “what is hurting my emotions, my ego, my beliefs, my morals or the image I have of me?”. There are contexts where anger does a lot of damage, but in all contexts, anger always tells you something from within. If the alarm sounds, we must always watch, because our emotional body never acts without reason.

How can I manage the energy of anger?

Imagine having a very young daughter, who already understands a few words but still can’t speak, if you saw her very angry, would you try to repress this emotion of hers? And if you were that little girl or that child, how would you feel in front of a parent who, instead of listening to you and welcoming you, diminishes you and wants to bring you back to what is an adequate emotion for him and right for him?
When you try to control your emotions you are doing violence to your inner self That part of you remains a child even if your body is 100 years old. Managing the energy of anger therefore means listening to it and understanding it, instead of repressing and condemning it.
Emotions can be observed, they can be let flow and it is not mandatory to be overwhelmed. You can choose to do it, to let yourself go to the emotions.
But only those who are able to choose not to be overwhelmed can choose. All the others are slaves of emotions, they have no power to choose.

Multidimensional nature

Ours is a complex organism, and we are all of it, not just one part. Our senses show us that we are ours physical body , made of flesh and blood, but not only that. The mind convinces us that we are also our thoughts and reasonings, but not only those. The heart makes us feel that we are also our emotions but we are not only those. We are also our soul, but as long as we inhabit this plane of material reality, we cannot just be our soul and that’s it.

Experience the world

So emotions allow us, like our body and our thoughts, to experience the world. Experiencing does not mean “suffering” the world , we have the opportunity to adapt to the world and partly adapt it to us.

If there is a terrible smell in a room, I can choose to go elsewhere, to mitigate the stench, to find the cause of the bad smell, but always, the sense of disgust due to the bad smell is signaling us the bad smell (without we wouldn’t experience the smell).

Similarly, there are some emotions that signal us to move away, to do something about it or to mitigate the cause. They always tell us how we are, but how we will act as a result of this, we decide.

Energy awareness

Anger energetically has a low frequency, this does not make it a “bad” emotion, it makes it a wasteful emotion . Feeling emotions of anger, fury, outrage, leads us to burn a lot of emotional energy, that download the your vital energies . This shouldn’t be a problem, as healthy anger is a short-lived emotion and therefore does not affect our organism’s large reserves of subtle energies.

When anger becomes a problem

Anger can become an energy problem, at least in two cases:

  1. Anger is our carrier frequency, so we experience numerous bouts of anger of varying intensity throughout the day. If you get angry often and everything seems to get on your nerves, be careful, your life energy reserves are at risk .
  2. You experience other forms of anger, such as resentment, hatred, annoyance, resentment. This type of anger has less high peaks, but it lasts a very long time. Your energy reserves will slowly drain even if you eat healthy, sleep well and recharge your subtle energies with meditation or Reiki , you will be filling a laundry bucket and you will never feel completely serene.

The message of anger

Beyond what has already been said, there is one last message that can give us anger. You get angry as a reaction to something that has hurt your pride, that has hurt your ego, has ruined your plans, hindered your desires by frustrating you, blocks you. You get angry about something that has violated your morals, your beliefs, that has deprived you of something that should have been yours, has attacked you or ruined your dreams and your ambitions. Whatever the case may be, the message you can always see is that whenever you are angry, you are hurt. Something or someone has hurt you.
If they break a wooden board on your back, won’t it hurt you?
If it hurts, your body has to express its pain. Anger is one of the ways.

Take care of anger

If the little girl we were talking about earlier was angry about someone who destroyed her best game, the one she cared so much about and wanted for a long time. That game that made her eyes shine like nothing else.
If she was angry and expressed her anger, would you see an emotion to control and repress or a wound (subjectively great for her) that can be healed?
If the girl is angry, you who listen to her must be angry too or you can take care of her, listen to her and give her your love and attention without becoming of his own emotion?

So when you get angry, you can take your consciousness beyond the emotional level , lovingly observing your child side that has been hurt. You can see that they hurt you, understand how it happened and what you can do to heal. When you are healed you will be able to work on yourself to strengthen yourself and become stronger, so that that thing that hurt you won’t hurt you any more tomorrow, or hurt you a little less. The less hurt you are, the less angry you will be and you can manage the energy of your anger.


Earthly life is made up of stimuli of many types and we have senses to perceive them and to emit stimuli in turn. With the physical senses we perceive the world, with the emotional body we perceive another plane of reality, made up of non-visible, emotional energies that are part of our experience of this life. If you let yourself be convinced that feeling emotions is a bad thing and that the spiritual path is that road that leads you to the monastery, you could lengthen the journey. Do you think you will find serenity in a life with no more emotions, no more desires, no more pleasures, in a continuous mental silence and a feeling of imperturbability to the world?

There is the concrete possibility of living our every reality, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual without having to give up anything, without being a slave to pleasures, emotions, but without even a slave to the spirit. Everything is perfect, there is not a part of us that we have to throw away, we are already all we need to be, we just have to let it grow in a healthy way, remembering that every part of us has its place and taking care of us by all of our multidimensional nature, we will arrive at our destination (which is unique to each of us).


I thank Marta M. who sent me this question on a fundamental topic how to manage the energy of her anger still present in her path of spiritual growth. If something is hindering your evolution, some doubts are slowing down your spiritual path, you can contact me and I will be happy to answer you .
Important questions bring useful answers to many. If they are not simple curiosities but issues that are close to your heart, important to you, I can listen to other levels of consciousness by doing various meditation sessions, to find useful perspectives and reflections. For me too it is a way of getting in touch with new concepts and being able to learn a lot.

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