meditation for the broken heart

Meditation for the broken heart

When the heart is broken, it can only scream out its pain or shut itself down but a practice meditation, which everyone can try, helps us heal it. A heart that is in pain needs the utmost attention , he must not be ignored, the care we can offer him must however have the delicacy of the feather of a phantom phoenix.

The energies of the heart

In the broken heart there are accumulations of internal energies due to what has been suffered , but there is also a great deal of structural instability. So much energy, without solid walls and columns supporting it, can only do damage, first of all to those who suffer and secondly to those who are on its way. The approach must therefore consider these two elements in order to balance the structure and release the energies.

The method

After over 20 years of bioenergetic practices , I had the gift of channeling a technique that for many years could only be practiced with Reiki, I recently discovered how to use meditation and visualization to provide this powerful healing tool even to those who have not undertaken specific paths in energy practices. This tool is meditation for the broken heart.

The position

Look for a space where no one will be able to disturb you, turn off the phone, move any animals where they cannot interfere with your exercise. Adjust the light in the best way, if you like light an incense stick or a candle, if you have a CD of ambient or natural music, without speech, it can be useful, but it is not necessary.
Try to create the best environment for your relaxation.
The position can be sitting on the floor, back to the wall or some furniture, sitting on a chair or cross-legged, you must avoid the lying position, as it is easy to fall asleep.

The technique

The sequence is made up of 3 steps, which are repeated cyclically:
from a sitting position, inhale slowly, inflating the chest.
Imagine that air enters from the crown chakra (fontanel) and flows to the heart.

  1. Air enters the crown, fills the heart and then exits, like a shock wave.
    The air when it comes out reverberates throughout the room, like waves in the lake, after you throw a stone.
  2. Then take the air again, always from the fountain.
    The air enters from the crown and fills the heart, the chest expands as the heart becomes large.
    When the air comes out, it passes through the navel, discharging all its debris downwards.
  3. Always take air from the fontanel, air enters the crown, fills the belly, the diaphragm opens and extends
    The air when it comes out runs through the legs and ends up on the ground, coming out from the soles of the feet

For small wounds, only one energetic turn of steps 1, 2 and 3 is sufficient.
The larger the wound, the more the sequence will need to be repeated .
If thoughts or images arrive during the process, it’s not a problem, we thank them and let them go , always bringing the attention back to the air and the area we are filling with energy.


The energies that we recall from the crown chakra (seventh chakra) are external high-frequency energies, which allow us to repair, step by step, the structural damage of the wounds we have suffered. The sequence brings the energies to move, from the heart chakra, seat of feelings, to the chakra of emotions (Manipura, chakra 3) .

Emotions are always involved in an important way in all those situations that bring us pain, suffering, conflict. The third step brings the energies of feelings and emotions to discharge to the ground, in this way they also activate the chakras of the feet, increasing grounding and centering.

To improve meditation

  • To increase the effectiveness of meditation, you can drink energized water (find out here i 3 methods to energize ).
  • Put the card The Bridge under the meditation mat it helps to maintain centering, energy balance and to reduce mental distractions.
  • Put the card The Source x7000 under the meditation mat it helps to improve one’s vibrational frequency and to reach deeper states of relaxation.


When we get hurt, the heart just wants to escape, close or attack. By interacting with others we may say or do things that are not in line with our nature, things we may regret. The anger we are feeling is a symptom that warns us that we have suffered a severe blow, we thank that anger that allows us to act for our good .

When we know we are hurt, we can retire to our little room and begin to give ourselves all the love in the universe, pamper ourselves with care and attention, avoiding anything that could harm us in that delicate moment. Taking care of ourselves is our responsibility, love for ourselves is in our control and potential.
Precisely in the moments when we are on the ground it is time to activate every method to love ourselves, to give us time to get back on our feet and until we are healed, protect ourselves from anything that is not for our good. Meditation for the broken heart is intended to stimulate love for ourselves and give a practical tool for our healing.

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