I want to thank you for the time you are dedicating to deepen the history of the QH2On project and tell you how it was born and why.

The need for research

I have always had the feeling that there was something beyond what the eyes could perceive. Something that I felt but was not yet able to understand. The school did not give answers to my questions, science and medicine did not give me complete answers. In 1995, at the age of nineteen, I decided to stop waiting for answers and go find them myself. The natural step was to get closer to Eastern philosophical and medical perspectives, deepening the Indian and Chinese vision and starting the first practices of awareness development and energy development. Progress was slow but evident enough to provide me with proof that what I had always perceived was real and after those initial confirmations I knew the path was the right one.

Reiki: the beginning of the journey

My first contact with bioenergy occurs in 2001 through Reiki, with the Usui first level at the European Reiki Association (Shiky Ryoho school). During the two days dedicated to the introduction of the discipline and the activations, a sentence pronounced by the Master struck me in a particular way: “ If all human beings were activated to Reiki, energy and self-healing would be present in everyone’s life, every day “. At the time I thought it was an enlightened but hardly practicable vision, but in the future I would definitely change my mind. From that moment my daily encounter with the subtle and universal energies began.

Alfredo - Founder of QH2On
Alfredo – Founder of QH2On

The accident that opens the way

In 2001, following a car accident that had left consequences on my back, I met the Chinese master Zu Yao Wu who solves the heavy muscle blocks that tormented me and approaches me to a particular Qigong exercise to concentrate energy. Years later, in 2018, with him I began to practice LingQi (a Chinese version in some ways similar to Reiki).

My passion for holistic practices that treat subtle energies becomes more and more intense and translates into years of Reiki treatments, Qigong training and continuation of studies and learning. A path of meditation, which allows me to increase understanding of external and internal energies , and learning further levels of Reiki. In these years the first and second level of Karuna Reiki, the Reiki Master (Shiki Ryoho school) and the exploration of the other existing types of Reiki follow each other: the Karuna Reiki master, Reiki Holy Fire II, by William Rand with the Master Adriano Rosso and the Okuden level of Reiki Komyo Kai with Master Chiara Grandi.

Energy is never enough

The experience first as a Reiki therapist and then as a Master shows me a practical reality linked to subtle energies and Reiki therapy. The patients I treated would often need multiple treatments a day, some of them continuing to deal with years of hardship.

The students I activated would have to practice much more time in order to progress in practice and spiritual growth in the way they desired. Not everyone may have the time and resources to devote to subtle energies , progress often takes time and patience, and when you’re not feeling well, time is always too much. My conclusion is that energy is never enough and the western lifestyle hardly adapts to energy practices .

The revelation of energy structures

The constant practice of Reiki and meditation in a state of cardiac coherence push me to theorize the possibility that these disciplines can work together to get even closer to the structure of universal energy.

In all energy styles, energy symbols are used . These symbols are nothing more than graphic manifestations, of an energetic structure that exists on a different plane of reality.
The revelation that I have had the gift of receiving is that following the path from the symbol to the energy structures it’s possible get in touch with the original version of each energy form .

The work to achieve this level of reality has been long and demanding. I have removed my energy blocks and healed the wounds of the past. Result achieved with the help of the EFT path, where I achieved all three levels with the Master EFT Judith Riviera Rosso.

The discovery of PVC

After the discovery of the plan of the structures, comes the discovery that the energy structures once identified, they can be imprinted in PVC, using an original combination of Reiki, Qigong and meditation . The structure, once impressed, acts in the physical plane without needing any external activation or intervention, giving energy to the environment and to living beings. A simple discovery, but the result of an important one research work on the energy properties of water and the conductivity of PVC.

The first energy card

“If all human beings were activated to Reiki, energy and self-healing would be present in everyone’s life, every day”. The phrase that had germinated in my mind for twenty-five years becomes reality. I finally have a chance to create objects that give energy and self-healing to all human beings , even if they have never experienced holistic practices and do not even believe it. Thus was born the first energy card: a white plastic card, with a black dot on it, able to energetically charge the water. I let Gianluca, a longtime friend and the first to understand and get on board in the history of the QH2On project, try it.

The experiment

The water bottle remained on the card for two days and, once tasted, the consistency was different, even a little the flavor. Drinking it every day, Gianluca confirmed to me that he felt a greater charge of energy and from there our project began to bring energy into the everyday life of all human beings. Energizing water was the natural choice as it is a source of life and energy.

The birth of QH2ON

From a toast with loaded water, in May 2019 the story of the QH2On project begins with the mission of guaranteeing each person access to an unlimited source of intelligent energy for psychophysical and spiritual health. During 2019 the first cards are produced and shared with relatives and friends, before moving on to more structured tests using the dowsing and then the applied kinesiology .

The very promising results in self-assessment tests lead us to explore further uses of energy forms for the well-being of the person. This is how the variants of cards to purify environments from negative energies and electrosmog .

In 2021, with the expansion of the Qh2On project to European markets, the need for more structured tests with a scientific approach is growing. The analysis of the research landscape leads us to discover cutting-edge instruments HSI (Hyperspectral Imagin) used by the CNR (National Research Center) and by INBB National Institute of Biostructures and Biosystems).

The analyzes bring clear results a modification of the water structure on parameters of both coherence (lower entropy) and an increase in energy frequency; confirming the previous results, carried out on the statistical sample and on kinesiological and radiesthesic tests and opening the way for new types of bioenergetic tests and evaluation.

Research is combined with the continuous work of dissemination of methods and tools within everyone’s reach and attentive assistance to an increasingly active and aware clientele that allows us to realize our desire: “bring energy into everyone’s daily life and give everyone the power to feel good with tools that are simple to use and share “.

And our research continues …

The Vision

Making all people autonomous in contact and use of their energetic nature

The Mission

Provide the simplest tools and the most effective knowledge to use everyday one’s energetic nature and universal energies