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Put the card under the food

You can put the card under the food, but remember that its action requires a charging time. Loading food is an excellent idea, but you must use the right method to obtain visible benefits.You can put the card on the last shelf of the fridge, with the white ring facing upwards, so that it emits its frequencies towards the top and load all the food in the fridge (its action is 2 meters upwards and 2 meters in diameter horizontally). You can do the same thing with the pantry or in the cellar.

You can increase the energy charge of anything that contains water, such as wine or beer (be careful though, the taste of alcohol will not change but will be much less toxic and therefore will be more digestible but will give less euphoria).
Also be careful not to put the card under hot food, do not put it in the microwave, in the oven or under hot drinks. If you want to load minestrone, soups, herbal teas or food that contains water but is cooked at the moment you can do it in two ways, for a better result the second one is recommended:
1. Use the loaded water to cook
2. Add a minimum amount of water loaded at the end of cooking and mix well

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