The quantum energy cards they are the result of research on vibrational water. Research that starts from the concept that particles can become frequency and be modified . Research that aims to identify tools and methods to recharge and balance subtle energies . Energies present within our body and around us, which are the basis for the healing, well-being and evolution of the human being.

What science explains

Quantum physics has shown that between two particles, a connection may exist that was previously considered impossible. Two particles that were together before can be separated and will communicate with each other even at great distances.
Everything happens instantly, without the information being “sent” from point A to point B. This phenomenon is called entanglement and it shows us how much interconnection there is between the elements of the universe.
Einstein himself, along with two other physicists had demonstrated this phenomenon with the EPR paradox .

Quantum physics also tells us that the observer modifies the experiment. If I do an experiment in an empty room, or do the same experiment observing what is happening, the result can change.

According to the interpretation of the quantum physics , the observed particle, can behave as a particle (therefore matter) or as a wave (therefore frequency) depending on whether it is observed or not.
In conclusion science tells us that the particle can become a frequency, a wave . Science tells us that particles have an immediate connection to each other. That our particles (those of the observer) can interfere and modify other particles (those of the experiment). We live in a universe of waves. What we thought was matter (because we can see and touch it) is actually a frequency in a web of interconnected waves.

What do we know about water

The experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto , have shown, with the use of photographic techniques under the microscope, that water has the ability to modify its structure according to the sources to which it is exposed. This is the best known research on water
Samples of identical water were then exposed to different vibrations, the water was frozen and its crystals were photographed under a microscope. Its beautiful images can give us a first idea of how water manages to store frequencies. Through these frequencies, water is able to shape itself according to the energies to which it is exposed.

crystals masaru emoto water

Other tests had been done to demonstrate the memory capacity of water, which was already known in much earlier times. The Dr Jacques Benveniste , in the 1980s, had shown that water possessed a memory, with experiments on immunoglobulin E (IgE), which created numerous conflicts and debates, which lasted for decades.
Homeopathy has shown that the dilution of a substance in water, even at levels of chemically negligible percentages, does not affect its vibrational structure. It is explained as the water exposed to the substance is structured on that frequency and maintains its shape even when the percentage of substance becomes negligible.
(see excerpt). Norman deLauder Mikesell , has conducted numerous experiments on the ability of water to structure itself, or to modify its state based on exposure. (ref. Norman deLauder Mikesell, 1985). Even the Dr Giorgio Piccardi , Professor of Chemistry and Physics at the University of Genoa and Florence, he became interested in water, demonstrating its transformative abilities and its ability to charge and activate.

The QH2On project

Our research on vibrational water is to understand the gifts of water and its still unknown potential. The desire and the quest to get better will never end. Science has chosen, in various eras, paradigms and tools to explain the world to people’s minds.

The task of science will be to find new tools to measure these energies . Identify new paradigms that can explain and understand this world that has opened up and is available to everyone. The new frontier will be to discover and understand the gifts of water and its still unknown potential.

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The goal and mission of QH2On is to allow all people to feel good and continue their path of evolution . By sharing QH2On energy cards and energy knowledge resulting from years of experimentation, we give you the opportunity to regain energy and well-being.