The Gate

The Gate purifies and converts the negative energies of your smartphone, transforming them into beneficial energies for the body.
The electromagnetic fields of smartphones, at close range, create interference with the energies of the human body and the most sensitive and perceptive people manifest discomfort or discomfort in the presence of these instruments.

The human body is able to develop defenses towards most of these harmful frequencies, however the latter increase the expenditure of subtle energies and hinder their charging .

The Gate converts some of the harmful energies , coming from the smartphone, in energy directed to the natural defenses of the human body. It restores the body’s natural defenses against electromagnetic fields and creates a source of vital energy that keeps the body’s resources and defenses high.

Features of use

Average duration of the card1 years
Range of effectiveness10 foot

Technical features

Material: PVC
Size: 54 × 86 mm
Series: PRG 002

The Gate is suitable for those who spend a lot on the phone or near the phone. The Gate purifies and converts the negative energies of yours smartphone . Kinesiological tests have shown that a phone protected with The Gate is more positive for the body than a normal phone and a switched off phone . The body of every living being is a tool capable of evaluating both subtle energies and energy fields that are positive for their well-being or negative.
You can perform this test yourself using a simple kinesiological self-test , you can see that your body chooses The Gate.

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