The Source 20x

The Source 20x series energy cards are ideal for getting started experience the benefits of energized and informed water at an affordable price . QH2On cards are the only device that works on all energy bodies .

They emit a vibrational frequency that energetically charges the water, increases its coherence and reduces the time needed to inform it. It will take 10 minutes to create informed water .

How to use it

Using it is very simple: place the card under a glass, bottle or container and the card will begin to improve your water . Regularly drinking energetically charged water infuses energy and well-being, working on one’s own energy needs. Drinking informed water helps you tune into the specific energies you have chosen to help you overcome the difficulties of the day and unlock your energy potential.


The energy card requires no maintenance and constantly emits its frequency until it is deteriorated (on average 7 years), thanks to this the card can be used continuously every hour of the day, without its energy being discharged.

Water energy charge20
Average duration of the card7 years
Minimum water charge5 minutes
Maximum water charge2 hours
Range of action1 meter
Dimensions54 × 86 mm
Card in the package1
* The energy value of tap water is 1

Does it really work?

Creating informed water with The Source 20X

Informed water can be easily created at home in 24/48 hours, simply by using a sheet of paper and a pencil. With the help of the quantum card the informed water creation takes only 10 minutes, you can simply check the operation of your quantum card using the muscle self-test , a simple technique to learn and that you can perform at home, without accessory equipment.

Creating energized water with The Source 20X

Energetically charged water acquires higher vibrational levels. The water placed on the card will always be energetically charged through the subtle energies that come from it. Using it is very simple: place the card under a glass, bottle or container and the water will begin to increase its energy charge . After 5 minutes the water will have already improved its vibrational frequency, to reach the maximum result just wait 2 hours (its energy charge will have improved 20 times). To get the benefits of energized water it is necessary to drink it regularly, at least one glass a day, after a few weeks you will notice the first benefits .

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