The Source 7000x

The Source 7000x it is an energy card that works on all subtle bodies of man . It emits a frequency that impresses the maximum charge of subtle energy to water , raises the vibrational frequency, makes the structure more coherent and reduces the time required to inform the water to less than a second.

Who is it for?

The Source 7000x is the most effective solution to inform and energize water. A card particularly suitable for those who already use informed water and want to experience the benefits of water charged with subtle energies.

How to use it

Using The Source 7000x is very simple: place the card under a glass, bottle or container and the water will reach maximum energy. After 5 minutes the water will have already increased the charge of subtle energies up to the maximum time of 48 hours in which it will have reached its maximum potential. Regularly drinking energetically charged water infuses energy and well-being, working on one’s own energy needs.


The card requires no maintenance and constantly emits its frequency until it is deteriorated (on average 7 years), thanks to this the card can be used continuously every hour of the day, without its energy being drained.

Water energy charge7000
Average duration of the card7 years
Minimum water charge5 minutes
Maximum water charge48 hours
Range of action2 meters
Card in the package1
* The energy value of tap water is 1

Does it really work?

Create energized water

Informed water can be easily created at home in 24/48 hours, simply by using a sheet of paper and a pencil. With the help of The Source 7000x quantum card the informed water creation is instantaneous for any quantity and type: from running water in your home to packaged products.

Creating energized water with The Source 7000x

The water placed on the card will always be energetically charged through the subtle energies that come from the card. The latter will begin to increase their energy frequency after the first 5 minutes of exposure up to a maximum of 48 hours. The subtle energies of the charged water will increase up to 7000 times. compared to normal tap water. The Source transmits the maximum possible energy to the water.

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