Vortex purifies the energies of your home and the surrounding environment. The home and the environments where people work or meet, hold negative energies, emotional debris and heavy energies released during personal interactions.

The most perceptive people, children and animals, can clearly perceive an energetically unhealthy environment. Vortex purifies the energy of a place within a 5 meter radius , converting heavy energies into positive energies for your body.


Average duration of the card7 years
Room purification ray5 meters
Dimensions54 × 86 mm
Card in the package1

Purify the energy of the environment

Place Vortex in the place you want to energetically cleanse, too under the mattress, under the chair or armchair, on the floor in the center of the room or under the massage table . The card will purify the environment continuously and rebalance the subtle energies.

Vortex is suitable for those who spend a lot of time in environments full of strong emotions. Like the therapist’s office where repressed emotions are hovered, the meeting room where strong clashes between different opinions and personalities take place, the large office with many dissatisfied employees who day after day create an increasingly dense hood of energies, the bedroom where quarrels were consummated, the waiting room where anxieties and nervousness accumulated. Each place keeps memory of the energies that are expressed there, Vortex purifies the energies of your home and environment in a constant way, transforming them into healthy energies and high vibrational frequency.

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