Eastern culture, over 4000 years ago, was already aware of the subtle energies of the human body. Their knowledge was already so in-depth that it traced the paths that subtle energies go through in the human body. The designs of the meridians, used in Chinese medicine for centuries, have come down to us.

Just a few years ago, science proved their accuracy, with an experiment in which a radioactive isotope was flowed through the human body (and monitored thanks to its radioactivity). In this way they were able to detect that oriental culture, without any technological tool, was already capable of to know exactly the functioning and structure of the subtle energies of the body . ( see JC Darras, PD Vernejoul, P. Albarede and F. Kovacs, V. Gotzens, A. García, F. García, N. Mufraggi, D. Prandi, et al .)

The knowledge of subtle energies

All civilizations from antiquity to the present day have developed a knowledge and representation of subtle energies , of the energy functions of the human body and of the places where the earth had peculiar energy configurations. The vital energy of man is represented in every culture of history.

The Chinese called it Chi or Qi, the ancient Jews called it Ruah, the Egyptians called it Sekhem, the Japanese called it Ki, in Polynesia it was called Mana, for the Greeks it was Pneuma, for the Sufis Barakha and the Indians called it Prana. There is no instrument that is accepted by modern science, capable of being able to record, monitor and measure this type of energy, which escapes our machinery, as bacteria escaped our eyes centuries ago. However, it is possible to analyze the interactions of the energy field, based on its ionization. This instrument, not accepted by modern science, allows, contrary to what the inventors claimed, not to photograph the field of human subtle energies or aura, but to grasp its state of ionization. Then to detect the modifications of the ionization parameter and to be able to analyze the structure of the human energy field. (ref. Kirlian ) ( ref. Jakob von Narkiewicz-Jodko ).

Subtle energies for the well-being of the human body

Subtle energies are infinite and available to everyone – a hidden treasure whose importance we often overlook. Otherwise, the energy supply it would be a daily constant and each person would be careful not to waste mental, emotional and spiritual energies and would strive to increase them.

If you are not aware of your nature of light, you have understood that the harmony of all energy bodies brings well-being and healing of the deepest causes and not just the symptoms . To nourish and nourish the subtle energies is to cascade energy to all subtle bodies : spiritual, emotional, mental, emotional, etheric and physical.