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Subtle energies: do you need them?

We have already seen that every human being has gods energy bodies , and energy centers. Therefore we all have subtle energies and we use them every day , but do you need more energy? The subtle energies are infinite and available to everyone : a hidden treasure whose importance we often overlook. Otherwise, the energy supply it would be a daily constant and each person would be careful not to waste mental, emotional and spiritual energies and would strive to increase them.

We are not all the same and many people would hardly notice the difference between a life with plenty of high vibrational frequency energies and a life without.

Too many people identify exclusively with their physical body, neglecting thoughts, emotions and spirit. If you are not aware of your nature of light, which includes the harmony of all energy bodies , nourishing and feeding the subtle energies will not be necessary at all.

The cultural awakeners of subtle energies

Another group is formed by the “cultural awakeners.” They are the ones who have read a few books and seen the “Matrix” film series. Movie jokes aside, they accept the idea that our body is also energy and that the manifest reality is one of the existing realities. In case they have tried meditation or while half asleep, they have probably experienced moments of insight and having felt that their reasoning was correct . If you are part of this group, you have a lot of potential to get in touch with the subtle energies. However, you have not reached full perception and you do not use them daily. For you, energy is just a theory and not the practical reality of every day. Try the energy supply o the exercise of meditation will help you in the path of harmonizing the subtle energies and feeling them in everyday life. Consistency in these cases is the decisive key.

Energy supply for contact with subtle energies

We make a parallel with the proper nutrition of the physical body. Who eats carefully, choosing the right calories, the best raw material, preparing the healthiest meals? Athletes do it, who use their body to achieve high results, both in aesthetic form and in performance. Or someone who is in the process of healing or is facing a disease that puts the body to the test.

Most people avoid exaggeration but without compromising the taste and pleasure of the table. Feed your physical body. Your emotional body cares that it’s good , because good things give pleasure. Pleasure feeds the emotions, not the body. All, except in chaos of physical or psychological pathologies, in balance, until you ask yourself to face some important physical or emotional challenge.

Who serves energized food

The energy supply is for those who use or would like to use energy in everyday life, not only for those who have a rational perception. By trying, you will realize that you have entered a virtuous circle in which the more you use your subtle energies, the more you will learn to use them and feel the benefits.

Subtle energies serve those too people who ask a lot of their body . Those who have realized the energetic nature of the body and want to use all the resources to face an important challenge. In this case, the athletes who want to achieve very high performance , both as results and as physical form. Even those who face a particularly intense and demanding life need all the energy possible. Challenging results require all possible help and all the energy there is.

Is your challenge to achieve a very low body fat percentage?
Your challenge is to transform an out-of-shape body into a body that functions in
proper way?
Is your challenge to manage a life that knocks you down with stress, worries, demanding work and little time for your personal growth and cultivating your dreams?
Is your challenge facing a difficult life period or a debilitating illness?

Each of us faces different challenges, you don’t need to be Olympians or lingerie models to pay the utmost attention to your body and your vital energy. More energy and more help are needed both for those who try to get back in shape and strive every day to be able to lose weight, and for those who have a good metabolism and manage to maintain good shape without excessive sacrifices.

If you are practicing intermittent fasting and you struggle not to eat for 24 hours, surely you need all your subtle energies in harmony and in abundance: the desire for sweets will not pass, but the body will have more strength and vitality .

Holistic approach to the disease

The challenges the body can face are also caused by disease. Who is still in the old paradigm, where the sick patient goes to the doctor who takes care of him and treats him, uses a certain type of mentality, for which the disease is something abnormal that makes one feel bad, the doctor heals that anomaly and the patient returns healthy through the medicines.

In the new paradigm it is almost the opposite. The person is his own doctor , the body is the one that heals. There is no longer a sick body but a symptom: a signal that indicates a malaise which, in different proportions, involves the material and immaterial part of the person, mind, heart, body and spirit. The symptom is a warning which indicates that something in the body is not working. Just as it is important to relieve the physical body of the symptom, even through medicines, so is starting a one search for the cause in all levels of the person . The doctor or the therapist is important to support this path. Accompanying the person on this journey and providing them with the tools to face healing and self-discovery.

Subtle energies in integrated medicine

Traditional medicine has made and continues to make a lot of progress. Each doctor has a clear vision of his field of study, so the orthopedist will be prepared as regards the bones, the ophthalmologist as regards the sight, but the doctor remains the person and the one who heals is always the body, doctors are advisers which help to illuminate their field of experience. This way they can analyze many more aspects and we will not limit ourselves to the symptom.

In integrated medicine, the use of drugs or surgery is not criticized . You simply change your perspective. The symptom is no longer something to be eliminated but a starting point for a journey in which the protagonist is the person. The person who guides on this journey is always the person, at his side there is not just one doctor, but more than one and it is a journey into the body, mind, heart and soul.

For those embarking on a journey of healing in the body, mind and soul, it becomes important to have every energetic help. On the journey into the inner worlds, every available force is often used and energy nutrition becomes a key element for healing. The same is true for those embarking on a journey of spiritual growth and self-knowledge.

If you want to get closer to the practice of nurturing the subtle energies of your energy bodies you can deepen the topic , putting into practice methods to increase the quality of energies in your life and advice to avoid wasting energy or lowering your vibrational frequency.

Stress support

A great help in harmonizing and nourishing one’s subtle energies is also necessary for those with a large energy expenditure. Stress and worries quickly drain your energy reserves , such as the prolonged use of attention and concentration, typical of those who study or very demanding jobs. Also feel strong emotions , especially not positive, it causes the discharge of subtle energies and the lowering of one’s vibrational frequency. Also naturally empathic people they discharge large amounts of subtle energy and could therefore greatly benefit from a proper energy supply.


If you are testing your body, overloading the body, the
emotions, mind or spirit, you must learn to properly nourish your subtle bodies and pay as much attention as possible to energy nutrition. The human being, in his complexity of matter and energy, can achieve miraculous results, if he is accepted, understood and treated in the best way.

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