Test if the energized water works

If you are wondering how to prove if the energized water works, the answer is simple: just try it

Then start drinking at least one glass of water loaded per day and at least one glass before sports performances. Record day by day, without checking the data of the previous days, because they would condition you in the response. After a week, check the results and track your progress. Repeat for a second week and compare them with the initial ones, when you didn’t drink water loaded with quantum cards.
The best way to tell if it works is to see results.
(you can compare your results with those of our tests, you can find them here)

I suggest you this test that you can do in the gym.
Choose an intense exercise, better if it isolates a muscle and does not involve the whole body. (because in this way you reduce the variables involved)
For example, an exercise with the dumbbell for the biceps.

  • do a series until you can no longer move your arm and count how many repetitions you have done, (let’s say 14)
  • 1 minute break, and do a second series, always up to the limit, count now how many repetitions you have done (for hypothesis we say 8)
  • drink 1 glass of loaded water and take a 1 minute break
    and repeat again, one more series until you succeed.
  • count now how many reps you’ve done.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if it was 10 or 12?
Yet they should be less than the 8 you have done before.
Per provare se l’acqua energizzata funziona è necessario solo un piccolo passo.

People who practice intermittent fasting (only one meal a day), by using loaded water, cleared not only the sense of hunger but also the weakness they had during the day. Many simply use it to drink tap water and save on the purchase of bottled water. Not being a pharmaceutical chemical compound, it takes a few days to bear fruit, but with the minimum constancy of at least one glass a day (and before physical activities) you will see results within the first week.

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