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Test the effectiveness of energized water with kinesiology

If you know a kinesiology operator you can test the effectiveness of energized water through a muscle preference test and two identical bottles, no matter the material.

1. Take a bottle of water and pour half of it into one bottle and half into the other.
You will have two identical bottles, filled with the exact same water.
You could buy two bottles of water of the same brand, but you would not have the certainty that the water was really identical. It is important to take the test scrupulously, so you can remove any doubts.

2. Place one of the two bottles on top of the quantum card, with the white ring facing up. Leave it to charge for at least a few hours, so that the energy charge increases a lot. The more you leave the water on the card, the more its charge of subtle energy will increase. (up to a maximum of 48 hours). (up to a maximum of 48 hours).

3. Put the other bottle at least two meters away from the quantum energy card. The card has a range of 2 meters, if you don’t keep it at a distance you will have both bottles full of energy. (for a well-done test, try not to put either bottle near appliances or heat sources or in direct sunlight)

4. After one of the two bottles of water is energetically loaded, with the help of the kinesiologist, perform a preference test. This test allows you to understand which of the two types of water is better for your body. Which makes him feel better.

5. After seeing with the eyes that the body prefers water energized with the cards QH2On, take a second test. Ask your kinesiologist to carry out a bioenergetic assessment of your subtle bodies and energy centers and any type of assessment test for your well-being.
Write all the results on a sheet of paper!

6. Now drink a glass of water, wait a few minutes, drink a second glass of water and then repeat the evaluation tests, write the results obtained on another sheet of paper.

7. Compare the results and have fun explaining to your kinesiologist how it was possible.

Note: if you want you can learn a simple kinesiology test, known as a muscle test, also called O Ring (also written O’ring). Find many tutorial your youtube, with a little practice it will not be difficult to carry out these tests independently and to be able to verify the effectiveness of the quantum card and its effects. Through the O Ring or the kinesiology you can ester the effectiveness of the energized water.

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