The benefits of energized water

The benefits of energized water are measurable. They were identified in different percentages, in all people who have used energy charged water, which are related to improvement of sleep, digestion, memory, mood, energy and general well-being. To these benefits must be added the increase in performance in physical and sporting activities and the level of appetite recorded during diet periods. The subtle energy charge of the water recharges the body with energy, which decreases the need for calorie intake and makes a low-calorie diet easier.

There are also a series of benefits of energized water that are directly proportional to one’s energy sensitivity. It is not necessary to be able to perceive energy for this to work, but those who have more sensitivity to subtle energies have perceived a different flavor and density in the water loaded with quantum cards. Many of them realized that after the first glass, during the day they had more desire to drink, while normally they only drank water when they were thirsty.

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