Energized water helps you regain and maintain a state of well-being: increasing your vital energy, emotionally recharging you against stress and awakening the healing abilities of your body. Starting from what you feel as your main need, discover the card that best suits your energy journey.

Improve digestion

Energized water for your well-being - digestion

Help your body restore its digestive and food metabolizing abilities. Energetically charge the water you drink and the foods you eat to support digestion and maintain the correct energy balance of the subtle bodies. More energy in what you eat.

Recharge to manage stress

Energized water for your well-being - refill to manage stress

Stress and strong emotions such as anger and sadness drain your energy system, lowering the immune system’s defenses, making the body more vulnerable and causing feelings of emptying, weakness and fatigue.

Awaken self-healing

Energized water for your well-being - self-healing

Your body has self-healing capabilities and protection against the external environment and disease. Drinking the water daily energizes your well-being, nourishes the subtle energies of the human body and stimulates the body’s self-healing faculties.

It stimulates memory and concentration

Energized water for your well-being - work and concentration

Regenerates the mind for greater focus in study and work. Concentration and attention consume your mental energies which can only be restored with rest and recharging your subtle energies. Drinking energized water allows you to recover quickly or keep it longer.