You need energy for your spiritual and personal growth. Whether through meditation or other holistic paths, QH2On cards are a support for the rebalancing of your subtle energies and energy balance. Starting from what you feel as your main need, discover the card that best suits your energy journey.

Energy balance and centering

heal attachment to live love

Stress, worries and strong emotions, such as anger, fear, sadness take away energy for your spiritual and personal growth, causing feelings of tiredness, demotivation and confusion. You can facilitate energy rebalancing and centering even during meditation.

Harmonize the Chakras

Harmonize the Chakras

The energy centers of the human body (Chakras) metabolize specific subtle energies and situations internal and external to the organism. The chakras work synergistically. Energy overloads or deficiencies linked to a specific chakra therefore affect your well-being. Drinking energized water and an environment with high subtle energies helps harmonize it.

Raise your energy frequency

Energy for your spiritual and personal growth: Raise your energy frequency

Ruminations, stress and worries cause an immediate lowering of your vibrational frequency. An energy system that maintains low frequencies generates ever-increasing states of malaise that can turn into emotional, mental and physical symptoms. Drinking energized water several times a day helps you take care of your energy metabolism.

Improve the effectiveness of meditation

Increase the effectiveness of meditation

Through meditation you raise your vibrational frequency and recharge your mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Recurring thoughts, disturbed emotional states, and lack of centering can make it difficult to practice. Drinking energized water and an environment with high vibrational frequencies are an important aid in meditative practice.

Inform the water quickly

Energy for your spiritual and personal growth - informed water

For inform the water a note is enough in which to write your intention and apply it over a bottle of water for 48 hours, in this time the water modifies its energetic vibration adapting to that of the chosen intention. Now you can reduce the time it takes to inform the water to a few minutes.