Energized water gives you more energy in fitness and sports: increasing your vital energy and positively influencing your performance . Starting from what you feel as your main need, discover the card that best suits your energy journey.

More energy during prolonged efforts

More energy in fitness and sports - endurance

During prolonged exertion your body gradually consumes its vital energies, which are not recharged sufficiently with food alone. Drinking energized water during physical effort allows your body to recharge the subtle energies consumed and maintain higher performance.

More charged in training

More energy in fitness and sports - training

Drinking energized water during training gives you more energy in fitness and sports. Maintain a high vibration of your subtle energies and completely nourish all the energy bodies of the organism, small frequent sips are enough to obtain excellent results.

Speed up recovery

More energy in fitness and sports - recovery

Energized water is an important aid to nutrition and rest to help you recover your strength and recharge yourself completely. Energetically charged water recharges all energy bodies reducing recovery times between training sessions.

Help to lose weight

More energy in fitness and sports - lose weight

Nutrition, in addition to providing macro nutrients, is a source of replenishment of vital energies. Drinking energetically charged water fills all energy bodies, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight support a low-calorie diet .