In addition to measuring the properties of water, we involved a group of 30 people to evaluate the benefits of informed and energized water with the QH2ON energy card . The process lasted three weeks in which normal drinking water was constantly energetically charged.

Phase 1: the initial self-assessment

An evaluation survey was the first step of the experiment in which the participants indicated their daily water consumption and rated their initial quality of: sleep, digestion, memory, mood, energy and general well-being .

Phase 2: informed and energized water

All participants received a card The Source 7000x is they started drinking informed and energized water at least one glass a day, for three weeks .

At the end of each week they received the same initial assessment survey asking for the self-assessment of sleep, digestion, memory, mood, energy and general well-being .

Phase 3: the results

qh2on cards survey results chart

The graph shows the average self-assessment value of all participants , whose age was between 35 and 60 years, equally distributed between men and women. The participants in the group were not in direct contact and no one received the results from the previous weeks, to avoid bias.

The water test loaded with QH2ON cards shows an increase in general well-being, in particular the quality of sleep, digestion and general energy obtain the greatest benefits with an increase of 40%

The final part of the survey asked participants to indicate in a word or adjective what the water loaded with the QH2ON cards meant to them.


Without the participants being in contact, words like beneficial , energizing is good they had a greater recurrence.