the energy gifts of the Christmas spirit
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The Christmas spirit brings gifts of energy

Christmas is not an usual time of the year,, everyone explains it differently, but the true meaning of Christmas are gifts of energy. We will see what is special about the energies of Christmas and how to approach this period in a conscious way.

The Christmas tradition

There are many traditions about Christmas, in different times and different nations there are many figures among them. It starts with St. Nicholas of Myra, a 4th century bishop of the Byzantine Empire who, through many cultural transformations, came to us in the guise of the Santa Claus of Coca Cola. Other visions of Santa Claus are very different, in Iceland, for example, there are 13 different Santa (related to some elves called Jólasveinar ).

In some countries, the figure of Krampus is tied to Santa Claus (St. Nicholas): a demonic being defeated by him and condemned to serve him for eternity. This icon is now being transformed into the character of the Grinch. A character that we will discover to be very important for our energy analysis.

A story for children

As children, we are told the story of Santa Claus, who resists until some peer or adult makes us think about the subject.

  • The key elements of the story:
  • Santa Claus is immortal and knows who was good or bad;
  • If you write him a letter, it arrives even without a precise address;
  • Every night of the eve brings gifts to good children;
  • What it brings you is not necessarily what you asked for;
  • He brings all the gifts in one night with a flying reindeer sleigh;
  • The gifts, even if of well-known brands, are created by his elves;

For a child, discovering that Santa’s story is fictional means losing a part of one’s childhood . Learn that his parents made fun of him, telling him a lot of lies about Christmas. What if Santa Claus really existed? What if the story was true, but wrongly told?

Think how many children have stopped believing in Santa Claus, just because the way he was told is incorrect. If this were true, we would have deprived the children and ourselves of the magic of Christmas.

The impossible story

The story, as it is told, is simply absurd. Sooner or later the child will have to surrender to the reality of the evidence and admit that Santa Claus cannot exist.

How can you bring a gift to each child in one night? How can Santa know if a child is good or bad? Because if I was good I didn’t get the gift I asked for? Why did I still get a present when I was bad? How can Santa live forever? Where did it come from if I have the alarm on and I have no fireplace?

Yet if the story is told the right way, it’s all possible. We just have to accept that the Coca Cola Santa Claus does not exist, there is another one, indeed, two others.

The Christmas energies

During the Christmas period there is a particular atmosphere. The truth about Christmas is so simple and visible that it will not create a stir.

There are three energetic realities that work during the Christmas period . They are so strong that it is not necessary to be particularly sensitive to perceive them. We simply do not give them weight and over time we are convinced of some rational theory to justify these feelings.

The gifts of energy of those who welcome the Christmas spirit

The first energetic influence is created by energies of all people who believe in Christmas . The joy of those who go to shops (or online) to look for the perfect gift to give or hope to receive it; every moment of amazement in front of a Christmas landscape; the moments of love or tenderness while watching a Christmas movie, listening to a song, preparing for Christmas.

These energies that are emanating are channeled into one energy structure which, if issued by a single individual, takes the name of “ thought form “. When it is shared by several people, it is called “ Egregore “.

The Egregore is like a cloud of energies , is activated during this period and influences every person with whom it comes into contact. The Christmas Egregore is created and fed by all those who feel that kind of “Christmas” emotion and is linked to the place where the energies are emanated. In a small town in Somalia, there will be fewer people feeding this thought form. Its influence will be very weak or absent altogether.

Being influenced certainly does not mean being subjugated by it. A river current can press down on your ankles without rolling you downstream. Any energetic influence can be accepted or rejected.

The energy of rejection of the Christmas spirit

People who resist the energetic influences of Christmas do not sit idle. There are some people who have no emotion towards Christmas even in Western countries, but they are the minority, most of those who resist Christmas produce a second vibratory waveform.

Those who resist Christmas feel a form of annoyance towards everything that is festive, one closure of the heart very clear and a rejection of many of the activities of this period. This energy is the result of the effort not to conform to external energies, the result of a action of resistance and defense .

A clear shift from emotions and feelings towards reason and logic is activated; what for someone else is a source of joy, for them becomes a waste, a stretch, a commercial, cultural gimmick, a social obligation. Culture and tradition have given a face to this form of energy, and this depiction is precisely the Grinch who is the expression of closing at Christmas.

This energy that is emitted to be able to stay closed, creates a second Egregore , which in some places can be even stronger than that of Christmas. You cannot understand who is under this egregore from the words he says, but you will find out from the closing energies of his heart. The symptoms of this Egregore are a closed, cold, hard heart that tightens like a cramp.

Not all defend themselves from Christmas or welcome it, some ignore it, and those who really think that Christmas does not concern them, have no negative emotions; it does not bother him, in the same way that the celebration of the Chinese New Year with the glitz and the flying dragons does not bother him. Only what concerns you and touches you and creates emotions.

Santa Claus: a being of energy

Santa Claus. It is not something new and secret. We have always heard of the spirit of Christmas, but few have taken it literally. It is indeed a real spirit, one very ancient and powerful energy creature . Like any energetic creature, this too is powered by a part of the energies we emit, but being a spirit of a higher level it does not feed on dense energies or low vibrations and therefore does not stimulate low emotions. This makes the Spirit of Christmas not only harmless but also positive. What feeds on love becomes love .

So what are Santa’s gifts? Its magic is to facilitate the opening of the heart , whoever lets in and welcomes this energetic influence can experience those sensations, very strong and clear, of communion, generosity and openness, very similar to falling in love. Just remember how you felt, those times when Christmas came to your heart, almost everyone has happened at least once.

If you can remember well you can clearly see how it is not very different from a spell. However, remember that this is not a real spell, as if we do not let Christmas enter our hearts, we can resist and keep all its influences out of our energy .

Unlike the Christmas Egregora, created by people, which is stronger in some places and totally absent in others, the spirit of Christmas can reach you even if you hide in a cave in the desert.

Manage external influences

We now know that in the Christmas season, turning a lot of energy. There are forces that push us to open our hearts, to generosity, to welcome, to communion. Other forces push in the opposite direction, to rationality, to closure of the heart, to practicality, to avarice. How can we handle the situation?

Awareness + choice = freedom

The moment we know that there are two waves, which lead in different directions, just that choose where you would like to go and then use the forces that are in line with your decision. The only person who really suffers is the one who is not aware or who is the victim of forces that he cannot control. The energies of Christmas are not aggressive , they can be managed with awareness and choice and therefore prepare to welcome or defend themselves.

Defend yourself from Christmas

If you have chosen to defend yourself and not open your heart to the gifts of energy that the Christmas spirit brings, you have the right to do so and you can defend yourself, if you know what you are defending yourself from. The energy Egregora that leads you to refusing Christmas stimulates very heavy energies , if to defend yourself from Christmas you have chosen to embrace that cold hardness, you will not have a good time this way.

Closure of the heart

When the energies of the closing of the heart take you away you begin to feel loneliness, melancholy anger , you may think that no one understands or appreciates you. You see others happy and in love and you think they have forgotten about you, or they avoid you because you are a burden, the person who will spoil the holidays. It is not nice to walk down the street, hungry and cold, while watching others from outside the window, all in the heat, having fun and binging without you.

You can avoid Christmas and not close your heart. You need to understand what the bare nerves are being touched and be very self-aware about it.

Opening towards oneself

Remember that you you have voluntarily chosen not to open your heart . You have decided not to give your love and thoughts to others, but you have not chosen to be miserable and roll in self-pity.

You can use this moment to reflect deeply on the things that really matter to you, on what you can do to achieve your mission. You can be loving with yourself , pamper yourself, look at how much you have given and done, how much you have worked, how much effort you have put in every day. Closing your heart to the world is one thing, closing it to yourself is another.

Look at what you can do every day to take better care of your happiness, your well-being. Every failed project is also a source of lessons, if this Christmas you don’t want to celebrate and open your heart, you can use it to make a deep and true point on your life.

Spending an evening alone does not mean spending it in solitude, you can organize a party that is not playful, and full of joy but that is full of meaning and gratitude. Gratitude to your soul , towards your commitment, just by getting up every morning and again, trying. Every day, despite everything, try.

Open your heart to Christmas

It has happened to many, to me first, to enter the Christmas period, to see the magic of Christmas that slowly touched the close people, to want to try it again and wait for days and days in vain. Christmas arrives in the heart without warning and it does not necessarily happen, it is a magic, it is a miracle, even if it does not make noise outside. In that moment, gifts of energy are gathered that bring the Christmas spirit.

Inside you can hear it very clearly when it arrives : the heart emits heat, it feels like embraced, soft, it can happen to start crying for no reason. In some cases, the colors around it also change and you begin to notice details that previously seemed invisible and now give us a calm feeling of fullness of the soul. But everyone has their own way of experiencing this little miracle and there is no identical list of symptoms that can apply to everyone.

Unfortunately, there is no way to command this event, it is a gift, there are only ways to facilitate it, to deserve it, to decrease the resistance of the mind and facilitate the work of Santa Claus, in delivering his gift to us, this too. year.

Get into the Christmas spirit

There are several ways to welcome the gifts of energy that the Christmas spirit brings.


Taking time to meditate can help you enter right reception. You can use a variation of the Matrix re-imprinting, which is to go into deep meditation, focusing on your breath.

  1. Sit and breathe, don’t lie down but find a comfortable sitting position, watch your breath fill and empty your lungs, and when your body is relaxed, visualize a cozy room.
  2. Create the room you prefer, and let a little girl or boy enter through a door on the left, not too young, between 6 and 9 years old.
  3. Let your child into that room, remember when you were still a dreamer or dreamer, when Christmas was really special.
  4. When he comes in, talk to him / her, spend time together, talk to him, let him explain what Christmas means and let the conversation take its course. Your childish side will know how to take care of you and help you.
  5. When the conversation is over, hug each other and let him come out again through the small door on the left he entered.
  6. Be silent for a few moments and then open your eyes, observe the room for a few seconds and when you are ready, finish your meditation and get up.

Give gifts with the heart

Gifts designed with the intent of creating joy, with love for the people you want to give happiness to. The gift is only the means, the end is to give joy, it is a thought of love, an intent of generosity, the hope of giving a moment full of joy to those you care about. As you wrap the presents, imagine the happy and surprised face of whoever will receive that gift, let the image of their happiness enter your heart and take some rust off the gears.

An appointment with yourself

An event in which to live the memory of past Christmases. Prepare the moment carefully, as if it were a romantic date to spend in your company. Prepare some food that you like, better if it has some Christmas connotations if you like it (for example some chocolate with cream, a pandoro or butter beer). Choose Christmas movies that you haven’t seen for a long time and that you liked a lot, songs that marked important moments of past Christmases. Organize every detail that can make you feel good , the aim is not only to put a pinch of Christmas in your date, but to take care of yourself, pamper yourself, spoil you, seduce you. Let your attention to your wellbeing melt your defenses and allow you to welcome the gifts of energy that the Christmas spirit brings.


Now that you know the strong energies that circulate in this period, I just have to wish you a conscious Christmas of its true meaning and the gifts of energy brings the Christmas spirit. In line with your choice, it can take place in harmonious resonance with your decisions. Whatever your choice, remember that no one is ever alone.

What you see with your eyes is a tiny world, separation is illusory, you just need to open up to find yourself in the center of everything, inside everything, part of everything. There is nothing to understand, just look with the heart.

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