the gifts of spiritual growth
Spiritual growth

The gifts of spiritual growth

Before you can choose whether to start a path of spiritual growth it is important to understand what it means, what it is and if it is the right path for you. An important help is sharing what you will find along the way: the gifts of spiritual growth.

Would you start a journey without knowing where you are going? Would you go to a place without at least having an idea of ​​what you will find once you reach your destination? If you know where you are going and have some idea of ​​how your life will change once you get there, you can see if it’s worth it, look how far there is to go and what kind of path awaits you to get there.

The top of the Himalayas must be a beautiful place, but not everyone is willing to tackle the climb. For some, however, even the climb is full of wonders and they do not let themselves be frightened by the cold, fatigue and bad weather. There are less high mountains, there are peaks suitable for everyone and from each peak there is a different view. So for each person there is the right spiritual path, with the right and appropriate destination.

Have no fear, you will not have to lock yourself in a monastery for 42 years to be able to reach your spiritual peak. There is the right destination for you too. But now let’s clarify what spiritual growth is and how it will improve your life.

What means spiritual growth

Spiritual growth has often been treated in a very vague way, this confuses the ideas of the neophyte and slows down his path.o. From a practical point of view, spiritual growth is “simply” raising awareness on one’s own multidimensional and energetic nature and improving the ability to use one’s multidimensional and energetic abilities. It is a process therefore anyone can undertake to “raise his awareness and improve the ability to use his nature”. This definition may be simple for some to understand for others less, let’s deepen the concepts.

Multidimensional Nature

The nature of the individual is multidimensional. We have a physical body, an etheric body, an emotional body, a mental body, a spiritual body. Spiritual growth deals with development of awareness of all human bodies. By working out you train the physical body, getting in touch with your emotions and knowing yourself, you develop the emotional body, studying challenging themes or reasoning, developing the mental aspect, meditating, praying and using your subtle energies, develop the spiritual body.

A good spiritual journey integrates all the bodies of the individual and considers the person, in every moment, present and active in all his different dimensions. Some spiritual paths focus exclusively on the development of the spiritual body, giving little or no attention to the physical, emotional and mental nature of the person. We are flesh, subtle energies, emotions, feelings, thoughts and light. Not a single one of these things, all together, are not levels in conflict with each other, they interact in harmony.

Multidimensional capabilities

On the spiritual path, after understanding one’s nature, one begins to use it. This implies a whole series of practices to interact with oneself and others, in the many multidimensional aspects, and to interact with the external world. The outside world is also multidimensional.

  • To interact with the physical world I will have to use the body. I cannot touch an object with my sense of smell.
  • To interact with the energy world I will have to use the energy body. Don’t think about it with your mind.
  • To interact with the emotional world I will have to use the astral body. I can’t hear it with hearing.
  • To interact with the mental world I will have to use the mind. I can’t taste an idea.
  • To interact with the spirit world I will have to use the spirit body. I can’t use reason.


In the various dimensions in which we find ourselves, there are many things that can be learned: that we can learn to do and that we can discover. The benefits of the physical world are related to the improvement and awareness of one’s mortal body, so the benefits of work on emotions strong they concern the knowledge of one’s own emotions and those of others, the active use of one’s emotions in an ever better way, the increasingly accurate perception of one’s own and others’ emotions and the same goes for the world of mental energies and reason.
The greatest work lies in the spiritual dimension, for many so far from their starting point that they have almost no conscious perception either ability to interact with spiritual energies. Spiritual energies are the highest and therefore it takes more work and time to reach those peaks. But it’s worth it? Let us return to the initial question, what are the benefits of developing one’s spiritual nature?

The gifts of the spirit

What are the gifts of spiritual growth that can be collected once you reach the top of the mountain?
The higher your mountain the greater the manifestation of this gift, if you are just starting out, you will have these gifts in a smaller, miniature measure. You will be able to feed on these fruits and with the new strength, tackle a mountain a little higher, to obtain a more abundant version of these gifts. Some of these fruits will be less visible at the beginning, because at that stage it is difficult to realize the subtlest and lightest things, other fruits will not immediately last, they will be intermittent, they could last for only a few moments and then disappear for months. Step by step, peak after peak, they will be stronger, clearer and more stable.

We will explore the first 21 gifts of spiritual growth starting from:

Overcoming attachment

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