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The Secret of Meditation

By practicing meditation, you begin to realize that there is much more behind what is taught: a real Secret. The secret of meditation is related to subtle energies high frequency.

I received this Secret as a gift more than 20 years ago, from my first master Zu Yao Wu, who, teaching me a practice of Qi Gong, revealed to me that energy itself teaches . Energy carries with it the teachings we need. Many years later I understood what he meant.

By practicing meditation, Qi Gong or Reiki, you raise your state of consciousness and the vibrations of your energy. With continued practice your frequencies are able to rise more and more and your consciousness moves from this plane of reality, where the things you see exist, to the plane of ideas, where the things you think exist. Consciousness with practice moves to other planes of reality, ever lighter, higher, where your mental perception cannot access because it is too heavy.

In these higher planes we arrive with the spiritual intelligence , which trains and strengthens by practicing meditation or other techniques that use the spiritual body .

Plans of consciousness

Accessing higher planes of consciousness allows you to see many more things and to see the same things more deeply and clearly.

The man who lives in a minimal state of consciousness sees the world from his eyes. There is only everything he encounters on his way, in his home and in his garden. If his consciousness is attached to a balloon that raises it even a meter, man can see himself. The man observes himself who lives, he can better understand what is happening around him and look a few meters beyond, until the end of the block.

If consciousness can hold on to three balloons, it lifts up higher and sees the whole neighborhood, realizes other things, sees relationships unfolding and finds out why certain things have happened in its past, watching the The air from that distance is also cooler and is a nice way to regenerate and take a break from being in constant reaction to events.

If we give the consciousness many more balloons, it will see the whole city, the whole nation, it will see the whole world. He will see many more things in the world than life in his garden, he will see many types of gardens and give a new meaning to what he previously thought he knew and saw.

With many other balloons you will be able to rise again and see so much more, the lighter you become the more your consciousness will be able to rise and looking at what happened in the past, its interactions with others and the direction of these forces, he will also be able to see elements of the future .

Energies and unity

There are different energies, in different planes of reality. When these energies come into contact with us they enrich and nourish us, they teach us to see the world from multiple points of view at the same time.

When I meditate I can contemplate everything from multiple points of view. So that leaf on the branch is color, it is light and flickering movement, it is the set of its interacting molecules, its spinning atoms, it is in the hiss of the wind, it is in the scent of the air, but it is also energy, frequency, a wave that moves around me, that interacts in my field of subtle energies and in the contact of that interaction our waves meet and dance and in that intertwining they mix and merge with the wind, with the colors, with the perfumes, with the flickering of its edges, so that there is no more space that separates me from all this, in the frequency waves we are together, united, one.

You can feel oneness with all you can see, to the extent that you can see it and your consciousness can enlighten it. It is not something you can understand, by living your nature of energy and light you will be able to see and by seeing you will be able to know.

Here is the Secret of Meditation

The secret of meditation is to allow consciousness to explore the world in a different way . Meet and see the many realities that exist and relate, interact with the nature of light, energy, of each element of the whole.

These energies nourish your spiritual intelligence, they teach your soul things that your conscience still cannot understand. High frequency energies nourish, fortify and train your soul that not only gets stronger but learns. Mental intelligence has the limits of our biological nature and ends its journey when our body shuts down, spiritual intelligence is connected to our soul and what is learned will never be lost.


Spiritual intelligence does not develop by studying books and is not grasped with the logic of the mind. The mind reaches only certain levels of consciousness, which improve over time but beyond these it does not see.

By practicing meditation, by moving, by training your consciousness to move and explore, you will be able to see and everything will become clearer and clearer. Using and moving the subtle energies with practices such as Reiki or Qi Gong, you can walk the paths of energy. Over time they will take you to new worlds and every time you return to your everyday life, this world will always feel a little new to you too.

High vibrational frequency energy is a true teacher who teaches your soul what it needs every day. For this reason it is important to meditate and drink every day energized water with the highest frequencies; in this way you take care of your soul and its evolution.

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