The kinesiological muscle test to communicate with your subconscious

Your subconscious is the guardian of the secrets of your body, it is the gateway to the knowledge of your inner nature and it is important to learn the kinesiological muscle test to communicate with it. Man is not only visible matter, he is endowed with physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual body , is a wonderful creature capable of perceiving positive and negative frequencies.

Through the subconscious you can collect this information and be able to access data that no modern instrumentation is yet able to detect . Your subconscious is your inner intelligence, the connecting link between every aspect of your nature, from the primitive to the spiritual.

There are many ways to communicate with the subconscious, kinesiology offers a simple and affordable way for everyone: muscle self-test .


Learning the kinesiological muscle test to communicate with your subconscious is simple, although it takes a little practice to become familiar. No particular skill or skill is required, everyone can do it and no external instrumentation is required, just the fingers of your hands.

What is it for

Communicating with your subconscious allows you to access an infinite amount of data, your inner brain is able to detect the bioenergetic fields and read the subtle energies. The subconscious knows your deepest desires and fears, it knows what you need and the directions he wants to go. How many times has your mind prepared a project for which you did not have sufficient motivation? How many others have you seen tireless strength and perseverance of motivation, despite the difficulties? There are moments in life when the mind is confused, even about choosing a partner. The subconscious is never confused. Knowing a technique to communicate with your subconscious therefore becomes a great help.

So what can the kinesiological muscle test serve to communicate with your subconscious?

  • Know the foods you need right now
  • Being able to avoid foods that would be harmful
  • Know your deep desires and fears
  • Find out what goals can engage you
  • Find out if a choice, object, method is right for you
  • Compare the energy value of two foods or drinks
  • Getting to know each other deeply and completely

These are just some of the possibilities, starting to use it you will see that you will find many other ways and uses of this powerful tool (which is our complete body). Let me know what your progress is and the applications you have found, so that everyone can learn something from the experiences of others.

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Before illustrating the technique, some warnings, in order to avoid execution errors. To communicate with your subconscious, it is necessary respect and kindness . When you start practicing the technique, it will be the beginning of a relationship, between your rational mind and your inner intelligence.
Like any relationship, it needs to be treated. If you do not treat your subconscious with respect, honesty and kindness, you can risk compromising your relationship with yourself, with all the risks that this entails.
Imagine talking to your baby self, dealing with yourself or yourself, when you were 5 years old. This could help you have the right attitude of kindness, honesty, and respect.
The technique to work needs a hydrated body , if in doubt, drink at least a glass of water before using it.

The language of the subconscious

The rational mind talks through a language that is made up of words. Words are a symbol that turns intentions into sentences. The word “Help” expresses an intention, but that word is only a symbol. When you say the word help you have a clear intention, which is then translated into the word.

The subconscious does not use words to communicate, his is a purely symbolic language , therefore, a method is needed to bridge the two ways of communicating.

The subconscious does not use verbal language, therefore all questions must be affirmative , negation is a construction of language. It helps a lot to use the sentences in the present, simplifying the sentence structure as much as possible , so that the intention of the question is very clear.

The bridge to the subconscious

The bridge to connect the symbolic language of the subconscious with the verbal one is use two words that express energy polarities: Yes and No . Our body reacts energetically in a different way towards what is good for us and what hurts us, approaches or moves away and the two modes of acceptance or rejection can be symbolized by the words “Yes” and “No”.

So the question you will ask your subconscious must be formulated so that you can predict those two answers.

A well-asked question is for example: “Is it good for me to eat this apple now?”, The answer could be Yes or No. A wrong question is “Which fruit should I eat now?”, It cannot be answered with YES or No to this question.

Therefore questions without negatives, in the present, which foresee an affirmative or negative answer .

Perform the technique


The technique to communicate with your subconscious requires you to join the thumb and middle finger of the non-dominant hand, firmly pressing the pads of the two fingers together, which will form a ring (which is why it is often also called the O Ring technique) . At this point, the index finger of the dominant hand is inserted into the ring and with the back, a tap is given to the joint of the fingers that press together.

Performing the muscle self-test technique to communicate with the subconscious

With the right force, tapping the back of the index finger does not break the ring formed by the fingers of the non-dominant hand.
Fingers that are closed in a loop must press each other firmly, not extreme . When the index finger taps the joint, it doesn’t have to be a forceful blow. It takes a little practice to calibrate yourself and avoid squeezing your thumb and middle finger too hard, or hitting too hard with your index finger.


The stages of the technique are as follows:

  1. If you are not hydrated, drink a glass of water
  2. Choose a question: affirmative in the present with “Yes” or “No” answers
  3. Press the thumb and forefinger of your non-dominant hand, forming a ring.
  4. Insert the index finger of the dominant hand into the ring
  5. Look down
  6. Think or say the question, focusing your attention on what you say
  7. Wait a moment (stay focused on the subject of the question)
  8. Tap the ring joint (between thumb and middle finger) with the index finger of the dominant hand
  9. If the fingers remain together the answer is yes, if they detach it is negative.


To calibrate the right force follow these simple steps:

  • Take a food that is certainly healthy for you and put it physically in front of you, for example, say an apple.
  • Close the fingers of the non-dominant hand in a ring, put the index of the dominant hand inside the ring and ask the question: “Now is it good for me to eat this apple?”.
  • When the sentence is finished, tap the back of the index finger on the joint of the two fingers pressing together. If the fingers remain together and the ring is therefore not broken, the answer is “YES”.
  • Then continue the calibration, taking a food that is definitely harmful, for example some bleach.
  • Put it in front of you, physically and ask the question. “Now is it good for me to drink this bleach?”
  • Tap the joint of the fingers with the index finger, with the same force you used before, and see if the fingers open or remain pressed with each other.
  • If the fingers open, even slightly, the answer is “No”.

The only thing to learn to perform this technique is there to the right pressure of the fingers and the right force with which to give the index finger .
You must then always use the same pressure and the same force.

How come it works

Our body has a nervous system that reacts very differently towards the two polarities YES and NO, changes towards the one that causes us to move away and approach, there are different cortical areas that are activated for example, right anterior frontal cortex for approach and left for removal.

The strength and endurance of the nervous system is also signaled by a very noticeable weakening, even in the muscles, which makes the pressure of the fingers weak. Our reason sends the command to the fingers to press hard, but the question that causes the “NO” creates interference, which weakens the command and fingers , which previously stood firm, now open.

If you go to the kinesiologist, he will use other types of tests but they are based on the same principle, in this case you can do it yourself. By doing it yourself you will have the confidence that it is all true and there are no tricks. Because if you are pressing your fingers with the same force and you have not decided on April, when they open you will know that it is not your rational choice.

It is the subconscious that has taken the lead, using the nervous system to communicate these two simple responses. Yes or No.

Does it work with everyone?

Anyone can use this tool to communicate with the subconscious. For some people it may be more difficult than for others, let’s see the reasons that can make communication with the unconscious difficult and the solutions to overcome them:

  • The ring always opens . Solution: Change the finger pressure or change the fingers of the dominant hand. Some people do best by combining thumb and forefinger or thumb and ring finger, rarely thumb and little finger.
  • The ring never opens. Solution: Change the pressure or change your fingers. If still not solved it is a problem of mental fixation. The mind has to listen, as if asking someone a question and staying silent, waiting for the answer.
  • Fingers hurt. Solution: use less force. You have calibrated the pressure of your fingers too rigidly because the blow you give with the index finger is very strong, you give a less abrupt blow and less force between thumb and middle finger will be needed to get clear answers, there is no need to exaggerate.


With practice, you can start asking deep questions. Questions that you feel a great attachment to and that move you emotionally . You will find that in some cases the answers will be bizarre, you will start to have YES and No, alternating. The subconscious also has the job of protecting you from some answers and in some cases then you will not get an answer.

In the muscle kinesiology test there are only two possible answers, so the subconscious has no other way to make you understand that you don’t have to ask that question, at least for now.
There are more advanced and complex methods that allow you to also understand answers such as “I don’t know”, “I can’t tell you”, “now I don’t want to tell you”, “this thing you have to decide for yourself”, etc.

Another case where this can happen is when the question has been formulated poorly, vaguely or with an unclear intention. The subconscious does not respond to the words of your question but to the intention , so before asking you must have clarity.

If you feel like you have too much soft noise in your mind, try closing your eyes, taking a few breaths, putting your attention on the swelling and deflating chest and trying to return with your mind present to yourself, you will see that you will succeed much more easily in the technique.


Everyday life leads us to focus on our body and mind, taking away our spiritual nature and even our primitive animal nature from our consciousness. To know the world we need to find all our strength, to know and accept ourselves and find peace with our subconscious and with our spiritual and energetic nature.

By recovering every hidden part of our nature we can return complete and with this new strength, awareness and knowledge, we will be able to explore and know the world in all its complexity. By regaining possession of our abilities, thanks to the subconscious, we will be able to interact with subtle energies and see reality in all its colors.

Thanks to the kinesiological muscle test to communicate with your subconscious, you can start one relationship with the most intimate part of your nature , find that little boy or girl we had lost along the way and reconcile ourselves, one step after another, to reach complete inner harmony, healing the conflicts between reason and passion and rediscovering your truest and most secret nature.

When talking with the subconscious, we must always remember that we are not questioning a prisoner, we are not trying to deceive him to make him do what the mind or the Ego wants, it is a relationship, we communicate on an equal basis, in an honest way and with respect and kindness, working for the good of both of you, because you are in the same boat, it is not the mind that wins over the subconscious, nor the contrary, we only win if they all win, together.

If you want to use the kinesiology self-test to make comparisons (for example to see if one food is better than another or if one item is more suitable for you than another, you can see how to use it as comparative test .

Find your card
You can use the technique muscle self-test for choose card or the most suitable cards for you. Energetically charge the water, purify the environment or both properties.

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