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Universal prayer

Universal prayer is a way to pray, regardless of religion or belief. It can be practiced in any place, without the need for a place of worship, sacred images, incense or candles. To learn it, however, it is necessary to understand what it means to pray, what is the purpose of prayer and to whom we are praying.

Religious prayer

Each religion has a different repertoire of prayers, this is necessary for two main reasons. First, having precise instructions on the words to be pronounced, on the position to assume, on the signs to be made, the execution of the gesture is made easier. Even a child can learn to pray, in the same way that he learns a poem by heart.

The second reason is to have a shared ritual. Many faithful can come together and perform prayers, using the same gestures and words. Therefore prayer also becomes a social rite and expression of a people. Despite the many differences between religions, the meaning is the same, simply instruct novices, children and those who have no spiritual sensitivity.

Limits of religions

The meaning of any religion is to be a link between God and people. For this there are shared practices, norms and rules and simplified or hermetic explanations, able to provide a guide and a path to the faithful. However, in order to provide security, every guide must present itself as a universal, indisputable truth and this makes every cult useful to the novice and limiting as the path progresses, where universal objective truths can be substituted for subjective experiential realities.

During driving school a certain position of the body and hands is required, which is useful in learning to drive, but no professional driver would drive that way.

To whom the prayer is addressed

We know that each religion has more or less different concepts about God. Beyond the popular religions we have many different views of God. Ancient peoples thought that God was inside everything, others imagined him as the Sun, still others had a host of different divinities or two divinities with masculine or feminine polarity.

The human being has done his best throughout history to give different labels to the creator or giving entity or Universe, One. If you take 10 jars of strawberry jam, and stick 10 different labels on them, you will not change its contents. Prayer to God does not need anything to get to your destination, you can even use no name and it will work, you can use a name that is true only for you but that nobody uses, it will work anyway. But what does it mean to “work?”, What is the point of praying and what does it get?

What is the use of praying

Learning to pray by heart, reciting mantras in other languages or other innovative forms, has led many people to believe that praying was a practical gesture to achieve a purpose. By asking people of different faiths, one may find that someone prays to thank for the gifts obtained, others to ask forgiveness for the actions for which he feels repentant, much more often praying is a way to ask for something.

The future is uncertain and everyone has many wants and needs. Many people therefore pray for more money, for a good job, for their lover to return the feeling, for a certain illness to disappear, etc. Which of these is the correct way and why?

The function of prayer

A boy leaves home to find happiness, be successful, see the world and impale life and love. Every day is full of challenges that engage him and capture his attention, every day he tries to do his best, even when he is weak and his best is to stay in the dark to lick his wounds. It happens every now and then that he finds a moment to call home, what can he say to his parents? What is the right sentence?

There are guys who call only to ask for money, others who call to let off steam, others to tell how things are going. Each age has its own modality, its requests, its needs. Over time, people call home simply to be together, even if they are far away. To carry on the relationship, the bond. To cultivate love and the relationship and make it grow every day, without risking that life makes us forget who we are, where we come from, who loves us deeply whatever we do, who really knows us and loves us as we are. Who is always on our side and hopes for our greatest possible good.

To pray is simply that. Being together, cultivating the relationship, living and nurturing mutual love. There are times when we tell about ourselves, others when we thank, times when we ask for forgiveness, others when we ask for advice, blessing, help, healing. But it is called home to be together, to spend time together, to love

Universal prayer

Words from memory are not needed for universal prayer. There is no need to find the right name by which to call God. By praying with the heart, it is enough to simply be authentic, true, and open our spirit completely. Do you feel like you want to talk about how you are, what are you feeling? Follow what you feel in your heart, without fear.
Are you angry or hurt? As you would argue with an elderly parent, so can you deal with God.
Do you have a wish? Talk to him, tell him your fantasies and how you dream of living this time on earth.
If the heart is open, the dialogue will be easier and easier and the relationship can grow day by day.

The answer to prayers

The function of prayers is to build and make the relationship with God, the One, the Universe, the All grow. The words we begin to use are those of spoken language, we expect the answers to happen in a similar way. Whether a voice comes to fill the room, lights appear or bushes catch fire. Although it is not impossible for this to happen, in most cases, the answers come with events, brilliant ideas that appear in the mind and also with people who give us information or act in a certain way, making us understand some things or acting in a way that help our path.

Some people are more sensitive, and when they pray from the heart, they feel the energy and love of the householder around them. Praying when embraced by the One is much easier and more enjoyable. Each person has his own rhythms and sensitivity, and until his own spiritual nature develops it is important to seek in everyday life, in deeds, in words and actions, the answers we ask for, remembering that the meaning of prayer it is not obtaining, but living love with the whole. This is particularly valid for the universal prayer that we propose.


Universal prayer is a gesture that allows you to build and improve your relationship with God. The personal way you see it, the way you feel it, the way it’s right for you. May you imagine him male, female, bearded man, formless intelligence, quantum dust that permeates everything. Whatever name you give him, in building a relationship, he, loving you unconditionally, will teach you unconditional love, accepting you for your peculiarities will teach you that the defect does not exist, welcoming you at all times you will look for it will teach you forgiveness, embracing you whenever you need it it will show you that you are never alone.

What we learn about universal love, at first we will try to apply it to others, thinking that taking care of his children is a way to show him our affection. Subsequently we will realize that the separation between us children is only an illusion, and the good that we act outside concerns each of us individually, us as humanity and the whole of which we are part.

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