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Can I use quantum cards for intermittent fasting?

Can i use the quantum cards as a support for intermittent fasting? This is a frequently asked question, the effects of which have been tested. The results are surprising. Practicing intermittent fasting without using energized waters makes it very complicated, especially at the beginning, to manage hunger during the hours without food.

Drinking energetically charged water eliminates the feeling of weakness and the feeling of hunger is reduced to just the “desire” to eat something good. Using the quantum cards during the 16/24 hours of intermittent fasting allows the body to be nourished by very large amounts of subtle energy. This energy support makes food abstinence during fasting much easier to manage. What remains is the desire and craving for food, caused by the lack of dopamine that the brain produces when we eat something good. To choose the most suitable intermittent fasting regimen it is important to consult a specialized doctor.

How to use quantum cards for intermittent fasting

Load one or more crates of water for 48 hours with The Source. You will get charged water at the highest level of vibrational frequency and you will have all the water you need at the maximum potential of subtle energies.

During the day, take small sips of charged water, at least half a glass of water every hour. In this way you will keep your energy frequencies high and avoid drinking too much water which, exceeding a lot recommended doses, can lead to intoxication. The frequent and frequent use of energized water during the day is more effective than taking a large quantity of it only once.

For a perfect combination and to have maximum energy support during the practice of intermittent fasting, put the quantum card under the mattress or on the bedside table The Bridge. It will purify the dense energies of the surrounding environment and help you sleep more serenely, keeping your frequencies high even during sleep.

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