What are QH2On energy cards: the fastest and most powerful solution to create informed water, energized water and purify heavy energy environments and foods . Energy cards operate through high vibrational frequencies that are transmitted to water, food and environments. These are cards made of PVC and programmed to act on subtle energies. Using them is very simple: just place them near the water or food you want to energetically charge, or in the center of the environment you want to purify.

qh2on cards boxed

How they are activated

The energetic activation of each card occurs through an original combination of Reiki, Qigong and meditation which sets in specific program objects. Each card is activated manually from the founder of the QH2On project which, after reaching a high state of coherence, channels, through the Reiki , in each card the energy circuit and seals it through Qigong .

Thanks to the personal channeling, the energy cards can reach such high vibrational frequencies.

From the moment of activation, the cards emit frequencies of subtle energy capable of charging and programming the water and the surrounding environment. Continuously, without the need for recharging and for at least 7 years they will continue to emit subtle energies.

The frequencies come from the polarized side (where the decagon is placed) e they modify the energy structure of water and the environment, transferring the program inside the molecules that are structured and take the specific form of that program. By drinking the water or staying in the charged environment, the same function is transferred to your body, energizing the whole organism .

Why we use PVC

Polyvinyl chloride, also known as polyvinyl chloride or with the corresponding abbreviation PVC, has the ability to memorize any frequency. It is commonly used to program badges with specific frequencies. These frequencies are issued by the badge and specific frequency readers are used as a lock. From hotel rooms, to public transport cards, to company badges used for access and registration.

This material is used in many fields, thanks to its memory capacity. For this reason, through the adaptation of oriental holistic medicine techniques, QH2On products emit frequencies capable of charging and programming the water and the environment.

Does it really work?