Knowing what informed and energized waters are and what the differences are is very important to understand which one best suits your journey with the natural therapies .

Waters informed

Informed water is simple water to which a message, an information, a concept is transmitted. Its energy structure retains the information that we have transmitted to it and by drinking that water we can infuse that information to ourselves, as our body is also made up largely of water. Its energy value is a different parameter, which can coexist with the information we are uploading.

Some examples:
I can have a bottle to which I have sent subtle energy in various ways, and its energy charge will increase, but if I do not transmit any information to it, it will not be informed water, but energy charged water.

Energized waters

On the contrary, a bottle of informed and energized water, in which I have transmitted the concept of “Gratitude” and subtle energies, will have an energetic charge 3, 10, 1000, 7000 times higher than the informed water.
The information transmitted remains the same, what changes is that the more energy the water has, the more it will nourish our energy bodies and enhance the healing capabilities of the human body.

How to make informed and energized water

QH2ON cards are the most effective method to create charged and informed water in a very short time. The cards offer the double advantage of energetically loading the water to the maximum and reducing the time needed to inform the water. The other possible methods including: informing the water through a ticket, solarized water or through Reiki, require much longer times and overall reach a lower energy charge.

Moreover,without cards QH2ON, a double treatment is necessary to obtain both informed and loaded water

Inform the water

Ticket48 hours
Solarized with ticket24 hours
Reiki (level 1) and ticket25 minutes
Reiki (level 2) and ticket15 minutes
Reiki (level 3) and ticket10 minutes
Reiki (master) and ticket7 minutes
The Source X20 and ticket10 minutes
The Bridge and ticket1 minute
The Source and ticket0,5 seconds

Subtle energies of charged water

Energy multiplier of charge compared to the thin energies of normal tap water.

Source of chargeMultiplier
Mountain fountain1,5
Reiki (level 1)5
Reiki (level 2)40
Reiki (level 3)60
Reiki (master)70
The Source X2020
The Bridge1000
The Source7000

Time to reach maximum energy charge

Source of chargeTimes
Solarized24 hours
Reiki (level 1)50 minutes
Reiki (level 2)40 minutes
Reiki (level 3)35 minutes
Reiki (master)30 minutes
The Source X202 hours
The Bridge4 hours
The Source48 hours