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What can limit the effectiveness of energized water

What can limit the effectiveness of the energized water is linked to external elements, however there have never been losses of more than 30% in 5 days.

What can limit the effectiveness of energized water:

1. Long exposure to nearby electric fields for a long time. (e.g. behind the TV, next to the computer next to the microwave)

2. Long exposure to environments with dense energies or people with very low vibrations
(e.g. hospitals, hospices, rooms of seriously ill people, places where quarrels, violence or the expression of pain and fear are frequent).

3. Bringing water to a boil reduces its energy charge by up to 30%

Note : The frequency of the water charged for 48 hours is so high that a loss of 30% does not entail a great decrease in effectiveness, the most significant benefits are noticed with the constant use and drinking water at 70% means having an energy charge 5000 times higher than tap water (instead of 7000%). Constant use is more important than focusing each time on the maximum power achievable by the energy charge of the water.

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