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What do you perceive by drinking energized water

People who drink water charged with QH2On cards have different feelings, depending on their sensitivity to subtle energies. The most common perceptions are a sense of greater density in water, a note of sweetness to the taste and a sense of lightness in digestion (this last only applies for tap water).

You don’t need to be an expert in meditation or energy practices to be perceptive and you can easily check your sensitivity at home, using informed water. If you are able to perceive differences between normal water and informed water, then you will also be able to appreciate the water loaded with quantum cards.

To prepare informed water you don’t need any tools or technical preparation, we have prepared a guide to explain the various ways. you can find it here.

If you have not yet developed the necessary sensitivity to subtle energies, what you perceive by drinking loaded water will in no way limit the benefits for your psychophysical health.

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